Healing From A Distance On Cfs!

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  1. Good evening from Scotland, as usual I'm way ahead of most of you time wise, it's almost 9pm here and beginning to yawn however I must take a little time to share with you how God healed my daughter through one of the members here on CFS.

    As a Christian Pastor I've been part of laying hands for healing many times, seen other healed during worship and fellowship with other believers and witnessed accounts of Jesus healing through another over great distances. From it you learn that Jesus does heal today praise God however, sometimes not in the way you think or who you might think. I was having a wee conversation with Euphemia last night about Scotland etc and I happened to mention to her that our 2 year old daughter had for the past three days, had a temp' of just over 40c.

    In the UK, the rule is call the doctor when it's over 39c so we did and he said not to worry, it's just a fever however, having prayed already, we knew God would take care of her but not in the way I'd first thought. Euphemia conveyed her concerns and prayers for Emily and you know what (after giving Emily my bed and me sleeping on the sofa) Sharon came down and told me in the morning that Emily slept all night and her temp' was absolutely normal this morning. Emily is back to her young self!

    God bless and praise Jesus for making himself so evident in fellowship on CFS, keep moving in your gifts folks, Jesus be glorified.....
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  2. It's always great when God answers prayer the way we want! Euphemia is very strong in her faith so it doesn't surprise me at all.

    On a side note, I hate it when children have fevers. It really breaks my heard, and especially when they are so young. It's miserable even as an adult to have a fever so I can't imagine how horrible their little bodies feel.
  3. Hello and thanks for the comments. yes it's not nice when it's your baby girl, we've seen God heal many times and in many ways but you can't help but to worry about your baby, God came through in a great way though...blessings...
  4. Unfortunately I don't have a baby yet so I can only imagine. Praise God she's better!
  5. Thank you brother, apologies we're way ahead time wise here in Scotland, thanks for that...

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