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  1. Healed!!!!!!!!healed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear friends,

    I like to share my testimony.
    In 1999 doctors discovered schizofrenia in me, an ailment, unrcoverable according science. But where science stops, God starts.
    I became ill, because of using marijuana.
    I converted in 2002, and daddy gave me a biography of rev. William Branham (see google). This man was used by our Lord Jesus to heal 100,000 people and rose 7 from the death. Bad people in the churches have succeeded, that this man is not comonly known.
    I requested a free prayercloth from his sons, in Jeffersonville Indiana USA, and when I received it, I have put it over my heart. I got healed!!!

    Now I am finishing college and am an accountant.

  2. There isn't anything God can't do!
    Our faith means so very much to Him.
    I am so happy for your healing and success~
  3. Amen Amen Jesus Heals!

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