He says

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  1. He says

    God says many things about you in His Word.

    He says you are a new creation- 2Co 5:17

    He says you are righteous-1Co 1:30

    He says you are a partaker of the divine nature- 2Pe 1:4

    He say you are more than a conquerer through Him Rom 8:37

    He says you are filled with the very resurrection power of God- Rom 8:11

    He says He will dwell with you, dine with you fellowship with you- Joh 14:23

    He says many things about you and though you may not feel that this word is true I must ask you this- who are you going to believe? The Word of the Living God of your feelings and thoughts? Take God's Word and walk by faith- you will see His promise revealed in your life.
  2. He says you have the mind of Christ-1Co 2:16

    He says you have been given faith- Rom 12:3

    He say you are a son of God- Joh 1:12

    He says you are redeemed- Gal 3:13

    He says- what else does He say of you beloved of God?

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