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  1. I apologize in advance, this may get a touch long. But its something I've needed to get out there for awhile now I think.

    I grew up in a non-religious household. My parents were an odd couple. Dad was an interoverted geek type (like me LOL) who I think believed in God but never spoke of these things. Mother was ... well, my best thing I can say is she taught me how not to live. Around about high school I started going to a Baptist church in the rich town next to the ghetto mother had us living in at that time. My home life had fallen into ... chaos ... and the Church brought stability. Jesus found me there, and I accepted him. I met a man there and his parents through my job and it seemed like a good match and his parents were charming and "normal" as all get out and we dated for the last year or two of high school.

    Straight out of high school I joined the Army and he asked me to marry him, I accepted. That year I graduated high school, got through basic training, started in on my year-long job training school, got married and lost my dad to cancer. Bad year. So me and my husband settled into life where I was stationed. My mother still struggled, as did my little sister.

    My husband and I married young -- too young -- and were struggling with each other, communications, goals, life, and church. Things kept building until one day things exploded. I won't share what he did as that's history, but he shattered my trust. Throughout this build up all the church ladies could tell me to do was to pray and obey my husband. After that last "issue". I left. Both the husband and the Church. Just left it all behind.

    Over the next 20 years life continued. I did OK. My sister did not as well. She married an abusive ... insert colorful words here ... and had two children with him. My military career continued on as a reservist instead and I persued a full time computer career as a civilian. In 2003 I attempted to help my sister and her husband get out of the minimum wage job spin they were in but that failed too. They disappeared and I got sent to Iraq for the military. Came back, put my life back together, wound up living in northern Maine and working for a company up there. Could not find any trace of my little sister and her family.

    Then in September 2010 I moved from northern Maine to Atlanta Georgia. See, my company decided to consolidate offices into one in Atlanta and it was move south on their dime or attempt to find a job. I elected to move. The climate and cultural differences are astounding. LOL

    I made friends with a gentleman, lets call him R. He planted seeds through music. R found out I liked a secular rock band, he suggested I try a band called Skillet ... stuff like that. He would plant seeds ... say random things ... etc. June 2011 I finally worked up the nerve to go to a Church, first time in ... well forever. That morning I got ready, sat down in front of my computer to check email/facebook and through the wonders of "mutual friends" FOUND my little sister. He restored her to me.

    That summer/fall I spent "church shopping" and have settled in on one that I attend regularly. I've been able to find a few spots to do service for the church there. I'm still learning, listening, and ... yeah ... hard to explain really. I've been praying a lot. 1 January we started a "read the whole bible" campaign, we're somewhere in Proverbs at the moment. And He has landed a wonderful man in my path, we've been dating now 8 months. I'll call him O. O and R are acquainted with each other which also helps. :)

    And here recently I was able to "return the favor" to R. He's been having a rough time lately with some things. One day at church our Pastor was out so we had a guest speaker who was talking about Courage. He told me that R needed this, so I forwarded my notes and the link to the recorded sermon to him. :)

    I apologize that this was so long ...
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  2. It is always good to read an account of how God's hand weaves grace into a life! And even more so to see His hand weave grace into another's life through us. What a blessing He shares wih us! He is so good to us!! May He keep you and continue to bless you as you seek His Truth!
  3. Praise Jesus!
  4. Jesus isnt going to stop there, His work will be complete in you - just keep on serving HIM.
  5. You are right, he's not stopped. I am working and learning and listening and ... yeah. :)

    Thank you everyone for "listening" to my rambling. :)
  6. faeriecat, if you think that was too long, I think I'd better keep my typing fingers still here! ;)
    Thank you for sharing part of your story. I makes me give the Lord yet another "standing-O"!

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