Having A Difficult Time Finding A Church Service On Saturday Evenings

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  1. I think you knew that I was attending a Lutheran Church for the past 1 1/2 years or so. However, due to a schedule change at my job, I can no longer attend that church on Sunday mornings and am having a hard time finding a church to attend that has Saturday services.

    I really would rather not go back to the Catholic church and I will go to a Pentecostal church.

    I guess I could do a Wednesday evening Bible study at another church, but that's not the same to me as a Sunday morning service.

    Is it okay not to attend church for extended periods of time?
  2. People have different opinions on necessity of attending Church itself!! If you feel missing Church, then you are missing. It is better that you find a Church. Does Sunday evening work out? I knew there are still few Churches which offer Sunday evening services. I think Saturday evening is going to be difficult. You might find only 7th Day adventists church. Their doctrine is pretty far from mainstream Christianity
  3. Unfortunately mostly all you'll find on Saturdays will be 7th day adventist groups, and most of their churches believe in a heretical doctrine based on works.

    Look for a Sunday evening, Wednesday night or the such. I'm sure there's a small group in some local churches you could get plugged into as well!
  4. Is it possible for you to find a Church in your area that holds a mid week service at a nursing home or similar?
    You might be able to stay in fellowship with your Church through Bible study groups, and 'if' you can attend a service at a nursing home you would be able to partake of the Eucharist/Holy Communion there. Communion is the only regular sacrament that is not generally provided at a Bible study group........just a thought, and good hunting
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    Hi @naomanos,

    In Christ we are never out of His 'church': for our worship is in spirit and in truth, and our fellowship is with the Father and the Son, by the Spirit. Our fellowship with one another is something that can take place at any time, in any place; for where two or three are gathered in His Name, then He is there.

    Attending a place of worship is not essential. It is beneficial if there is sound teaching and the fellowship of kindred minds: but no 'act' of worship is required, when you have the reality: neither symbolic ritual or the religious rite of a past dispensation, for in Christ we are COMPLETE, in God's sight.

    Praise His Name!

    May God lead you, and direct you in the way that you should go. :)

    In Christ Jesus
  6. Try a Seventh Day Adventist church Saturday mornings;) Blessings.

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    Not that I disagree per se, but I am tempted to ask, "and that is a problem because"?
  8. Incidentally, if we went back 115 years + (in the US at least), what is called "mainstream" Christianity today would appear more like heresy and Seventh Day Adventism would have been considered more "mainstream."

  9. Thanks you for the response, but I will not attend a Seventh Day Adventist church. I do not agree with much of their doctrine.

    I like the idea of a Sunday evening service which many Baptist churches here do have. I just have to find one that isn't KJV only.
  10. the biggest problem I myself have against the 7th day adventist church is they hold Ellen G white very highly when she was proven false multiple times. She herself preached a works based salvation and that Christ's work on the cross is not all that was needed for salvation.
  11. What are you doing the other six days? :D

    You are the church so where ever you are, the church is there. Find a brother or sister and meet on Sat if you want, then invite others and then more. That's what Paul was talking about, not these mindless, Spiritless, mega-buildings who want more fellowship than more Spiritship. Just my thoughts.
  12. Thank you as well for your response, but I do not see all churches as mindless, spiritless, mega-buildings.

    So a church to attend is what I am searching for.

    I would go to the church where my soon-to-be ex-wife attends, but they no longer have Saturday service (ended two weeks ago). I do like it there, but they only have Sunday morning services and nothing on Sunday evenings. They do have small group, but to me it's not the same as a service.
  13. Salvation by works, evangelicals are in the habit of accusing us of that, but it is very wrong. If you were inclined to compare our understanding of the Gospel, I would liken it to John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. If you believe that is salvation by works, then I guess we would have a salvation by works theology according to your definition.

  14. I'm not saying every 7th day adventist church preaches a works based salvation, but if you follow ellen g white, then you're following a false prophetess who does not believe that Christ's atonement was finished at the cross, that we can earn favor with God by obeying the commandments, that we can be sinless in this life, and that we cannot have full assurance of our salvation.
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    I believe she is a prophet and I make no bones about it nor have no shame. I am well versed in all accusations against her and they ALL have been found speculative, superficial or simply incorrect. To be clear, she is far from a Gospel by works salvation. Israel always kills the prophets. It's no different today then it was years ago. If Jeremiah was around today, I can imagine what the internet would say about him.

    With that said, the word atonement is sanctuary language. The sanctuary is the divine pattern to the plan of salvation. To say that the plan of salvation was finished at the cross is the equivalent of saying that the sanctuary service ended at the alter of sacrifice. ( See lev 4 - 10.) It did not happen in the pattern, nor does it happen in the spiritual.

  16. Please, lets not turn this into a debate on the Seventh Day Adventist church.

    It is not an option as I will not attend a SDA church.
  17. Deleted with respect to noamanos' .
  18. Since you repeated some accusations regarding my denomination and EGW, it's my duty to set the record straight. Not for the sake of my denomination or EGW, but for everyone elses sake. The devil is always trying to setup walls to conceal the truth and to prevent honest inquiry. Otherwise, I am happy to leave this topic alone. Blessings to you my friend and may God be with you on your search.

  19. Where did I repeat some accusations regarding your denomination? All I said is that I don't agree with much of their doctrine. No accusations, just don't agree.

    I am asking because if I did I want to apologize.
  20. I modified my above comment to include EGW before this reply. Thanks and blessings. No need for apologies, I take no offence. I welcome open discussion, even negative discussion about my denomination. To be honest, I would like nothing more than to get it all in the open so that people would at least know what they are rejecting.

    In either case thank you for your humble apology! God bless.

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