Have you ever?

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  1. Yes

    HYE found your self with in a few feet of a rattle snake?
  2. Nope and hope I never do.

    HYE evangelize your one of your friends?
  3. Not yet :)

    HYE been on a run away horse?
  4. No, she wasnt trying to run away, but she DID try to buck me off! What an experience THAT was! My aunt made me get right back on her and walk her down the end of the drive just to teach her who was boss! (she didnt want to go riding!)

    HYE been inside a tornado?
  5. No, thank God!

    HYE been to Arizona? :D
  6. Yes. I remember one time, we were driving thru to get to California. We were in a volkswagon, my brother and I in the back seat, no air conditioner, in the middle of summer. We had our cat with us. Poor thing, we fed him ice cubes because it was so hot, and he was so miserable! I remember seeing whirlwinds. Not just one at a time, but several on either side of the road all at once. Tall, thin, dense ones. Beautiful country!

    HYE played video games so long, you lost track of time?
  7. Dumb question right there of course I have. I did it last night, because right now it's 5:21 am. I couldn't sleep and was just trying to pass time.. and I ended up staying up all night.

    Have you ever been awake 48 hours or longer?
  8. Yep, in back-to-back fire calls!

    HYE tried to console a colicky baby?:(
  9. Yes, no fun.

    HYE gone for a walk in the rain for no reason?
  10. Yes!

    HYE painted a room tourquoise green?

  11. Tourquoise green? :eek:

    That is a definite no!!!
    And if I ever do… just shoot me.:p

    Have you ever done anything dangerous on purpose?
  12. Yes, I was not the wisest teenager :eek:

    HYE planted a garden?
  13. sigh. I've tried. Several times. Either the dog dug it up, the soil was too acidic, or I didnt have time to water it. sigh.
    I DO have a flower bed that is struggling gamely along! Will have morning glories soon!

    HYE laughed yourself to tears?

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