Have you ever?

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  1. Ironically, that song is playing on the radio as I read your question. (Do you like Piña coladas?)

    Have you ever had to get your spine x-rayed?
  2. Nope, never had my spine x rayed.

    HYE had your foot run over by a car?
  3. Nope! That has never happened to me.

    HYE played Truth or Dare?
  4. I have. Back in Jr. High. :)

    HYE slept in the basement because of a tornado warning?
  5. Never had a basement.

    HYE gone grocery shopping in the middle of the night?
  6. yup..... no body is in the store and I wonder why it is open 24/7

    HYE...eaten frogs legs ?
  7. Yes. And no, it does NOT taste like chicken!:p

    HYE been stung by a scorpion?
  8. Nope.

    Have you ever had arthritis?

  9. No… my knees just hurt when I get up in the morning.
    (I‘m in denial):eek:

    Have you ever been in denial?
    (hint… if you say no, you‘re in denial):D
  10. He he .... Yup... All the time and the arthritis thing just stay in denial, just like me.

    Have you ever been to the top of the tallest free standing stucture ?
    C. N. Tower .... Toronto.
  11. Nope, never been to Canada.

    HYE been to Mexico?
  12. Yes.

    HYE been sick as a dog?
  13. Yep, plenty of times!

    HYE laughed so hard, you snorted your soda pop thru your nose?
  14. I don't really drink soda. (health reasons) But, I've laughed so hard I've snorted. (it's usually only my Mom and my sister that can make me laugh that hard though.) :)

    HYE met anyone from an internet site you are a member of?
  15. No, but there are many I would LOVE to meet!

    HYE watched the storm clouds build with the light from the setting sun shining on them, turning them different colors?
  16. yup.

    HYE watched a rain storm roll across the desert like a giant moving wall?
  17. Yes.

    HYE pulled a cat's tail?

  18. Yes I have.

    Have you ever beat your head against the wall, because it feels good when you stop?
  19. Yes

    HYE been kissed?

  20. Yes.

    Have you ever eaten pizza? :D Haha

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