Have you ever?

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  1. Nope, never really grilled much. Guess Im gonna learn...

    Ever rode a horse? :D

  2. I use to a lot, but not in quite a few years now.

    Have you ever fallen off of a horse? :D
  3. Nope but I saw an albino pheasant in a alfalfa field.

    HYE seen a large scorpian with its myriad of babies on its back.....
  4. Ive seen a large scorpion (tons of them) but not with babies :eek:

    ETA: Ive fallen off a horse many times! I almost fell off in a pond once when my horse saw a rattle snake on the bank we were headed toward! He did a 180 degree turn on a dime, smart horse, I think we were both on the same page that day!

    Have you ever been on a ski boat?
  5. This is a game.

    Answer the HYE question "above" you. And then ask one for the next person.

  6. Ski boat? Yep. :D

    BTW, I have been stung by a scorpion once. Never seen one with babies all over it. But had one send me to the ER for an anti-venom shot. :eek:

    Have you ever stayed up until 4 in the morning and made the whole family wait for you to get up so we can start the day??
  7. I had one charge at me once. I mistakenly removed a large piece of wood from my M-I-L's porch to sweep it. That little thing had a lot of moxey! Scared me to death. You actually got stung by one? I bet that hurt a lot. :hug: <---there's no hug icon? Well, that's freakin' weird.

    My family wouldn't wait for me to start the day if I paid them! :D But, no. I am an early riser. And often, (although not always these days with the teenagers) the first one up.

    Have you ever been talked to with "a tone" by a young person?
  8. Yes! When he rolls his eyes I do to and speak to him in the same tone:p

    Have you ever climbed up a cliff wall and had to jump down because you couldn't find your way down?:p
  9. No, I havent been crazy enough to do that!

    HYE seen a double rainbow?
  10. I have. I've even seen a triple rainbow. I used to live in the dessert. And for some reason, when it rained, weird stuff like that just happened.

    HYE lived in the dessert?
  11. Yup lived in the desert for most my life, almost 27 years.

    Have you ever (did you ever) skipped school:eek:
  12. Yeah I plain just walked off high school campus once because it was a nice day, and the other because I had forgotten a big important essay on my desk at home. Not proud of it, but not really ashamed either, that's probably the worst thing I did in HS.

    Same question. Someone make me look stupid. :mad:
  13. I skipped most of my sophmore year in High School. Was made to go to continuation school for the rest of it, and a couple of months of my Senior year, until I took an exam to graduate early. School always bored the heck out of me. (I have an I.Q. of 145.) But, my home life was hell at the time. (won't go into it) So, I had a hard time making myself go, for awhile.

    Have you ever lacked the encouragement to soldier on in life?
  14. Nah. I always figured that giving up is admitting defeat. And the worst person to point and laugh at me would have been myself.

    Oh, and school was indeed boring for me too. When I graduated, I didn't even to the walk. I got into my car and drove away on my last day. I picked up my diploma a few months later. I once took an entrance exam for college, but never went back to get my results. Oh well.

    Have you ever attended a church service on the beach of a lake that lasted all day and was one of the coolest things ever because we grilled out and swam and fellowshipped with the families (Yup, it happened yesterday :D)?
  15. I've never attended a church that would have that kind of service. Sounds like fun. I'm glad you had a good time. :)

    Have you ever refused to go to sleep on a school night, when you were a child?
  16. Surprisingly I was really good at going to bed, not so much any more.

    Have you ever gone swiming when it was cold and raining?
  17. Yeah, we had all planned a trip to a water park and were too excited to call it off, so we went despite bad weather. Wasn't really THAT bad.. You get cold there even when the weather is nice.
  18. Whats the HYE Cheezy:confused:
  19. I am not Cheezy, TYVM. :D ;)

    Have you ever had a bad reaction to medication?
  20. Yep, when I had my gall bladder taken out, they gave me Demerol for the pain and I started retching uncontrollably. They gave me Phenergan to counteract it and it got better. (note to self: always request phenergan when taking demerol!)

    HYE danced in the rain?

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