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  1. ..that famous people who claim to be Christians end up going crazy? Justin Biener, Mel Gibson, Kanye West, etc. Do you think demons attack these people harder because they could have a bigger impact on people?
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  2. Interesting question. I imagine it's very difficult to be a non-closet Christian in today's movie industry. Dying for Christ is easy. Living for Him is the difficult part.
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  3. Maybe they were never saved to begin with...I do not know, just asking.
  4. Yeah who knows. That's why I said claim to be. It just seems like once they claim it, they go crazier than your average famous person
  5. Power corrupts completely and complete power completely corrupts, or something like that.
  6. Devil goes after them! Media goes after them. Fellow actors go after them. They become a target for everyone.

    Everyone at work in every religion was criticizing Mel for 'Passion of Christ'.

    My heart goes out to them. I believe they are saved. Just a bit bowled over. All their secrets get exposed. So, now they 'seem' crazier when they were likely crazy all the time...like most of us...:whistle:.
  7. Well for anyone you have to be a fruit inspector.

    Not sure about Justins' fruits or Kanyes' either.

    But Mel? There are some rotten oranges in his stall.

    I'm a bit wary of rotten fruit.
  8. Dude yes, i remember when Kanye did that Jesus walk music video, when I wasn't saved... He seemed to be alot closer to God then, but He also lost his mom.. and thts enough in my opinion to get anyone a bit heated at God.
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  9. I think he lost his mom before that song. I could be wrong though. But yeah it seems like the beginning of his career he was a lot closer to God, and then he just went awol
  10. Yah, not only that but alot of dark stuff is going on in the music industry. ..

    Some will probably know what im talking about
  11. illuminati type stuff?
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  12. Hello and great post. Yes I see what you're getting at, I think the problem is that these individuals have no real accountability in their lives and they tend to think they're above others even if it's just on a sub-concious level and the truth is, everyone needs someone who loves them and love them enough to kick them in the backside. But I think old Mel for example hasn't really got anyone to answer to.
  13. Illuminati are gone. Have been for a long time.
  14. I don't believe Justin Bieber was ever truly a Christian. I've seen his so called spiritual adviser. And when we read of JB's behaviors it falls to the question of exactly what is he being advised to do as a Christian when he acts out as he does?

    Mel Gibson is Catholic. I don't think his issues are so much a matter of going crazy because he's Christian, but rather that he has a drinking problem and perhaps a chemical imbalance, like bipolar disorder that leads, with the addition of alcohol, to explosive rage disorder. And that has not yet been diagnosed . Or perhaps he has and the public is just not privy to that explanation for his behaviors.

    Kanye West, in my humble opinion, is a disciple of the antichrist spirit. He's no more Christian in true spirit than is my desk.
    And he may be another individual who is not yet diagnosed with a chemical imbalance or psychological disorder.
  15. Tell me more about this anti Christ disciple. I never heard this before. Has he always been apart of it?
  16. Antichrist, is from the Greek and refers to that which is against Christ. "antiChristos". Instead of Christ.
    A Christian behaves in accord with the word and spirit of Christ. While Justin Bieber has been professed to be a Christian his behaviors do not align with that. And so while he is said to be advised by a pastor, that advice giver is certainly not appearing to give righteous, right action advice, to JB.
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    It's common for non-celebrity Christians to fall away too unfortunately. Though it's probably so much easier to see the celebrities who do it because it becomes tabloid material.

    There are a few celebrities who have been pretty devoted to their faith, but you'll never see them at stardom level like Bieber of Kanye, and for a really good reason.

    I'm not sure Kanye West was ever really a Christians...perhaps he was, but around the days of his Jesus Walks video, he also talked about how much he loves porn and being able to worship himself (his words).

    I think a better example is probably Katy Perry who used to be a Christian pop singer under her real name (Katy Hudson). Her father is a minister and she used to perform at different Christian events. She has come out now as saying she is no longer a Christian because it's "stupid."
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  18. Only a doctor can discuss more.

    I'm just charged by my King to be a fruit inspector.
  19. Wow, didn't know Katy was w christian pop singer..hmm

    Pll do change I guess.
  20. No, they're still around.

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