Have You Ever Had An Unclean Spirit Cast From You?

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  1. Good evening and I hope all of you are well. I always believe there's always something new to learn about any given subject in God's Word regardless of your age or experience, there's just so much to learn and the lifetime is too short to fully grasp however we can continue to grow and add to our knowledge. This is an interesting one for me, in that I've personally had an unclean spirit cast from me in my distant past due to dabbling in the occult and since then, I've had the pleasure of dispatching spirits in others. This is a subject where you can always learn more so I thought it might be good for a bit of discussion with the question of, since the Early Church were so aware of the spiritual realm with Jesus, the Apostles and the early Christians encountering these situations frequently, do we sometimes not consider this subject enough or in some cases, too much? Please share any testimonies you have as it would be so interesting.

    Ps - Having felt the presence of God in these types of situations, I can only describe the unclean spirit's reactions of WHITE TERROR OF THE LIVING GOD!!! JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.....
  2. Sometimes I wonder if I still have some in me from my occult days. I can't say I have ever felt any unclean spirits leave me.
  3. Hello CeileDe, were your occult days before you were saved?
  4. Yeah they were awhile ago.
  5. I would say every body before coming to Jesus for salvation had a evil spirit dwelling in them. Once becoming a child of God our body became the temple of the Holy Spirit.

    Eph 2:1 And you were dead in the trespasses and sins
    Eph 2:2 in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience--

    I do not not believe a Christian can have a evil spirit dwelling inside of them, at the same time the Holy Spirit is there. I do think one can be "oppressed" on the outside of a evil spirit. We are not to yield our members to unrighteousness, but holiness. There are some people in the ministry that I respect greatly who do believe a evil spirit can indwell our bodies, but in my heart that just does not bear witness to my heart. Paul had a thorn in the flesh, "a messenger of Satan" but that was not inside of him. Jesus also had a thorn in the flesh, but it was not a messenger of Satan, but Satan himself to try and cause trouble every where Jesus went. Casting a evil from our mists should be something we do every time we sense their presence.
  6. I would certainly agree with you that we should be discerning the presence of an unclean spirit especailly at an individual's point of coming to Christ as these were the occassions Jesus and the Apostles dispatched these spirits giving us a clear instruction to follow. I have to say I wouldn't say all unbelievers are possessed by spirits, some really are but I would say all are certainly oppressed by them on some level or another. The oppression goes as soon as someone invited Jesus into their hearts but the possession, according to God's Word, needs dealt with either right away or in God's time.

    I would also say that we do have two distinct natures in operation in our body as I'm sure you are aware, one the perfect spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ and our old sinful flesh which dwells no good thing. There is light and darkness within us, God spirit dwells in opposite to our flesh and our flesh is not subject to the law of God so it can be, if tempted and if fallen away, open itself to the oppression of unclean spirits giving a foothold in the person's life. Sometimes I think individuals don't see eye to eye on this subject purely from not defining the differences. God bless and thanks for commenting..
  7. Then I'd say no, you're free as a bird and swept in the Lord and very experienced to share with others on a deep level...

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