Have the Tables Turned?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Jasher, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Have the Tables Turned?

    Westboro Baptist Church is back in the news again. They have been shown to be in the litigation business as they have fourteen busy lawyers who sue for violations of their civil rights. Of course they are deliberately and purposefully obnoxious so people get careless and they can bring some legal occasion against them. That's where they get their funding - it is a business much like the ACLU.

    Now somebody is suing them - have the tables turned? I hope so - I'm sure the Baptist community cringes everytime they come back into the national news.

  2. These guys so make me cringe. I think they are stuck in Exodus, and only do damage to Christians. I've long said, Satan doesn't need to beacon us, because certain Christians do such a great job of chasing people INTO paganism, atheism, etc... These guys are a prime example of that.
  3. How ignorant can a group of people be? I guess if it's true that birds of a feather flock togeather that in this case it must be DoDo birds.
  4. The blind leading the blind. Maybe this is where they fall into a pit?
  5. has anyone attempted maybe a prayer for them, perhaps a letter, maybe even a phone call, something to try and get their attention? anything, or are we just gosiping here. I'm not trying to get on anyone's tail here, but guys, we need to DO something about it, not sit back and watch a cat fight.

    God Bless and In Him,

    Eric Wright
  6. Guess they won the lawsuit, but with all the legal power WBC has they will appeal it.

  7. I just turn my back and deny them my attention (which they're obviously craving).

    God will deal with them each, one at a time.

  8. W O W - words of wisdom Whirlwind!:D
  9. I do not mean to start an argument, so please, do not be offended by what i am about to say. if this does offend you in ANY way, please know that i truly appologize (spl?)

    My comment:

    Deny them "your" attention? since when did we as Christians deny anyone our attention when as Christians WE don't have any attention to give, nor do we have any rights to own, nor do we make decisions on our own. Galatians 2:20-21 will show as you can see by my signature that we are dead, WE ARE DEAD, and CHRIST lives in us, are you denying them Christ's attention? did not Christ command us to give them Christ's attention?

    We are often our own destruction, but giving them our attention instead of Christ's attention (a dead man's attention which is worthless instead of a living man's attention which is worth their lives), or denying them Christ's attention and giving them OUR attention.

    Even if you say nothing, they know they have been heard. it's obvious, we have an entire thread linking us to the story, so they know we know, and they're protests show the same, they KNOW WE KNOW, and by us "denying them attention" we're giving them all the attention they want: for us to back down.

    I won't stand for it. i centainly will not. I'm in the Navy, and i for one know beyond the shout of a doubt that even acting like you're gay will get you KICKED OUT OF THE NAVY, so how do they get off even saying that? what gets me more is that we as Christians are backing down from the love that Christ has shown us and that which we are supposed to show them and are instead giving them the cold shoulder.

    I'll tell ya, that's just what everyone did for me, and if it wasn't for God, i wouldn't be the guy i am now, i don't even know if i'd be alive right now. it was because of that very cold shoulder that put me in the corner because guess what...no body cared, or at least they didn't show it. yeah, i had my beliefs, but no one even cared about them, no one tried to pray for me, or just forget the argument completely, just show the grace of God, show Christ's love. isn't that how we as Christians should act?

    Let's not give the cold shoulder, let's be more like Christ and give them LOVE and COMPASSION. If we give the cold shoulder we're giving Satan an invitation to drag them down to the pits of hell...and we're doing nothing about it. that's the same thing as murder, and Christ says something about it (not sure where, but i've read it several times).

    Again, i'm not starting an argument, i'm not mad, i'm meaning this from the bottom of my heart. My heart right now, right now it's just not right with God. I've got alot of things between me and God that i need to take care of, so i trust myself with the prayer, but i ask that someone in here, someone will please pray for these people, reach out to them, something, don't let them drag in the dirt. lift them up in Christ's holy name.

    God Bless and In Him,

    Eric Wright

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