Has anyone read the book, The Noticer, - by Andy Andrews

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  1. Several of my coworkers have read this book and one of them gave me a copy so I could read it too. So far, it's a really good book about perspective - how we see things. So far I would definitely recommend it to others.

    I was just curious as to what others have thought about it.
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  2. I haven't read it, but just checked out some reviews... sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip CoffeeDrinker!
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  3. Really good book. Several in my office have read it, now I am. I am going to buy it for my son.
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  4. Interesting. I too checked it out, and the reviews sound great. I'll definitely give it a go.

    Thanks CD

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  5. Hello, CoffeMaker;
    From reviewing The Noticer the character Jones is the kind of brother I'd like to meet and have a cup of coffee. I "noticed" where I order stuff the book received four 5 stars and one 4 star review. I'd like to buy The Noticer.

    God bless you, CoffeeMaker.
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    Thanks, good to know. I just listed to an audible sample which sounds good. So may check it out further. And reviews indicate it is based on biblical principals even though it is a story.
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  8. The author also has several other books that I may look into. I just bought a new one by Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Grahams daughter. I will post the name tomorrow.
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  10. I finally finished The Noticer. I would definitely recommend the book. There is The Noticer Returns as well. I will start reading that one soon, but have started a new book by Anne Graham Lotz called My Hearts Cry.
    This is the write-up for the book, if anyone is interested in reading it, too.

    "It [knowing Jesus] will never be enough until my faith becomes sight and I know him as fully as I am known. I find that my yearning for Him is ravenous and it has once again led me to immerse myself in the pages of His Word-in particular, the eyewitness account of His life and ministry that was recorded by the disciple with whom I most identify-John." -Anne Graham Lotz

    Long heralded by Billy Graham as the "best preacher in the family," Anne Graham Lotz draws new insights from passages containing Jesus' teachings to his disciples toward the end of his earthly ministry when the disciples were trying to cling to Him most. Anne writes, "I wanted to know what He had to say to those who were desperate for more of Him."
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