Has Anyone Ever Played Habbo Hotel?

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Polly, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. I started playing it when I was 9 but I stopped when I was 12, but then I started playing it again sometimes, but only for a while. Now I started playing it again, the .com one, not the .fi one. And I honestly wasted a lot of money for the Habbo "furnis". XD

    But has anyone here ever played Habbo? It was awesome when I was 9-15, but now it got a bit boring and it has really weird rules and the Habbos cannot create their own Habbo Trax music anymore like when the Trax first came in Habbo.
  2. Does this game have something to do with the Lord of the Rings?
  3. No, Habbo is the pixel game where you create a character and then you buy furnis and credits to buy the furnis and you get to hang out with other people.

  4. ah, I see!
  5. Yeah, have you played it? :3
  6. No. I don't play games.
  7. Ok, I see. :/ Well, it's not really a game, it's more like a very vivid pixel chat which is not text-only. It is a game, but it's like a hangout game, kind of like The Sims with other people, but it's not a game about winning things or raising up the levels.

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