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  1. Enemy of whom? How is taking a stand against them making me the enemy?
  2. Fiction

    As far as making one of the characters gay after the books were finished, I don’t see the point in it myself. :confused: To me it makes no difference. I haven’t seen all the Harry Potter movies, maybe three of them & havent read any of the books (I’m not really a fan, but my parents & friends who are Christians as well are fans of Harry Potter) but I didn’t see anyone in any of the movies that I saw hit on someone of the same sex.

    Let’s just say hypothetically speaking that in the books/movies it said this character was gay. There are gay Christians in the world who are celibate because it goes against Christianity. I am a 28 year old male. I myself have never had sexual intercourse & I am a heterosexual. Even before I was a Christian I kept a moral for myself that I would never sleep with anyone unless I was in a serious romantic relationship with a girl (I have had my share of chances to have sexual intercourse out side of a serious romantic relationship). I have never been in a serious romantic relationship and chances are I may never be in a serious romantic relationship, therefore I may never get married & be celibate my entire life and never experience sexual intercourse. This would put me in the same position as Christians who are gay. Both of us would have to be celibate our entire life due to being Christians. Just because I'm heterosexual doesn’t mean I’m going to have sex out of marriage. Just because some one is gay doesn’t mean they are going to act upon their gay fleshy desires. We are told to not judge & to forgive.
  3. Harry Potter

    Wow! This is an eye opener! If Harry Potter is evil &/or a bad influence that means the good witch in the Wizard of Oz movie (which came from a generation long before this one) is evil &/or a bad influence & Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, & Yoda from Star Wars are evil &/or are bad influences & Peter Pan is evil &/or a bad influence & Merlin from King Author & the Holy Grail is evil &/or a bad influence & Gandalf from Lord of the Rings is evil &/or a bad influence & Willow is evil &/or a bad influence & Rainbow Bright is evil &/or a bad influence & He-Man & She-Ra are evil &/or a bad influences & Jack from Jack & the Bean Stalk is evil &/or a bad influence cause he used a magic bean. I can go on & on. Harry Potter is FICTION. Let’s have a book burning of every fictional good character with some sort of supernatural ability not directly related to God that exists!!! I know some of you are not going to like this post but I am simply stating the TRUTH. Harry Potter is FICTION. If you don’t want to read/watch Harry Potter (for what ever reason) it’s your decision. If you don’t want your children to read/watch Harry potter (for what ever reason) it’s your decision. If you do allow your children to read/watch Harry Potter & are concerned (for what ever reason), sit down with them & make sure they know it’s fictional. It’s possible that if you refuse (for what ever reason) your kids to read/watch Harry Potter they might want to see it more just because you said they can’t or not. If you have trouble as an adult discerning fiction from fact you may not want to read or watch anything. Harry Potter is FICTION. For all I know the magic they used in the Harry Potter books/movies came to them as a gift from God at birth to do miracles & others more wise older people with similar gifts given to them from God teach the children to use their miracles wisely & it just wasn’t mentioned in the books (however I do know this is highly unlikely). The point being Harry Potter is FICTION.
  4. Isn't that the definition of "enemy"?
  5. Perhaps it would make some perceive you that way when you do not agree with them.
  6. There's a character in the Harry Potter books that's gay!?

    Somebody get a rope!

    Oh wait...it's fiction.:rolleyes:

    Seriously, though...I have never picked up a Harry Potter book because stories about wizards and such just don't appeal to me. I have, however, followed the Star Wars movies since I was old enough to understand that it would be supercool to have a lightsaber.

    But if wizards and witches and such are evil and wicked...then what of the Narnia stories?

    Personally, my religion (Indian Shaker - Christian-bible based) teaches strongly against anything magical...crystal balls, ouija, magic wands, tarot, matrons zipping around on broomsticks, etc.

    People have told me that Narnia can be interpreted as biblical, and the lion represents Christ...but I just figure, if my kid wants to learn about Jesus, he's going to turn to the bible for that teaching, not Narnia.

    As for Harry Potter...Baby Jessie will never get a chance to read those books. I want him to grow up knowing that if he hurts someone, waving a magic wand isn't going to make it all better.

    Peace and love, my friends. :)
  7. Yeah...

    Yeah I mean… REALLY. What’s the difference between using the light side of the force in Star Wars for good or using magic for good in Harry Potter? They are both using supernatural powers that do not come from God. It's all FICTION & that’s all it is.

    I have seen certain Christians (from my personal experiences) make non-Christians think Christianity is more “worse or silly or unbelievable (or what have you)" by saying Harry Potter or Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings or dressing up for Halloween as a ghost, vampire or a witch is evil and/or a bad influence. I have seen this happen, ALOT in my life time. I'm totally serious. It's all FICTION & that’s all it is.
  8. I disagree, yes it is fiction and story telling, but to some that is not 'all it is' if we are using this same logic then marijuana is just a plant, 'that's all it is' and alcohol is just a drink 'that's all it is'.
    Discernment needs to be excercised when it comes to what we put in our minds, just as we discern with other things in life that could be hazardous to our walk with Jesus.

    Proverbs 3:7 "Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil"

  9. Fiction

    It's all FICTION & that’s all it is. I think being upset over Harry Potter being evil or bad influence is making things worse not better.

    Do you think Luke Skywalker from Star Wars & Peter Pan are evil or a bad influence? It would seem so by using your logic.
  10. And sadly...the topic has now gone in the direction that many, many such topics have gone before it. Here's how it works guys, discuss this civilly or don't discuss it at all, otherwise it is our job to take that choice away from you.
  11. why don,t they consentrae on about the mysteries of God,instead of fantasy.God can do anything,look about you.:)
  12. God’s Word

    I study God’s Word everyday & “concentrate on about the mysteries of God” & I do find studying God’s word joyful. But there is also a place for entertainment. I can read a fiction or non-fiction novel having “bad or good or both” in it & still be a good student of the Bible. I can go fly a kite for entertainment as well (if that was my thing) & still be a good student of the Bible. Doing this I can still study God’s Word everyday & “concentrate on about the mysteries of God” and be a good student & a good participant in God's Word.
  13. civil

    I think I have been civil. Though I do admit I had sarcasm in my second post on this thread. I just call them as I see them. I personally do not think God has a problem with fantasy but he has a problem with people who take fantasy too far one way or the other. But I’m not God so I really don’t know that. It seems logical (to me) even from a biblical point of view that saying fantasy such as Harry Potter is evil or a bad influence is taking it too far in one of the two directions.
  14. maybe your truebut if fantasy calls God in a similar storyline,would that be entertainment?
  15. question

    My apologies, I do not understand your question.
  16. Religion isn't even hinted at in the HP books, God is not mentioned.
  17. Please if you are a Christian and are willing to learn, please take time to listen to this insightful, educational discussion on the very subject of fantasy books such as Harry Potter and the ones discussed in this thread. I was driving last night and it came on the radio. Dr. James Kennedy (now deceased) and Richard Abanes (expert on occult subject)


    This discussion explains alot more eloquently than myself that Harry Potter is based on the occult, Rowlings is aloof about her faith and beliefs. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were clearly Christians and their stories have a Christian foundation.

  18. Harry Potter

    I felt I should mention in this thread that the first person who spoke to me of Christianity in detail I met while playing Dungeons & Dragons. Also another friend of mine that I’ve known since elementary school met this person playing Dungeons & Dragons as well & and he was also the first person to speak to this other friend (that I have known since elementary school) in detail about Christianity & is one of the main reasons he is a Christian today (through the grace of God ofcoarse). This person that spoke to me about Christianity is still a dear close friend to me today. I was the best man in his wedding years after we meet. Today I & my Christian friends & non-Christian friends still play Dungeons & Dragons which Harry Potter doesn’t even compare to when dealing with sorcery & what not. We don’t run out & try to cast magic spells because of Dungeons & Dragons. I’m stating this because this person is one of the primary reasons (through the grace of God ofcoarse) that I am a Christian today & I meet him through playing Dungeons & Dragons (he is still a Christian to this day I might add). To me if someone did “try to cast magic spells because of Dungeons & Dragons” there would already be something wrong with that person’s mentality & Dungeons & Dragons would not be the cause of the person’s dementia. That person was already “crazy” & would run around doing “crazy” things anyway.

    I’m sure some of you guys are tired of my posts on this thread, but please don’t take things too far one way or the other. If you would please don’t jump to conclusions. If you get too extreme you may run off potential members of the faith. The vast majority of Christians & non-Christians alike are not going to want to be a sorcerer because of Harry Potter or something of that nature (some may play make believe but that is also fiction) & when certain Christians start a vendetta against Harry Potter (& the like) the people (Christians & non-Christians) listening to this vendetta against these types of stories & movies are going to think how foolish it is because they KNOW ITS FICTION. Again as I mentioned before I have seen this happen personally MANY TIMES & think it does more harm than good to have a vendetta against Harry Potter (& the like) . It’s kind of like telling someone they are going to hell because they dont attend their church. Well that person that was told they are going to go to hell will probably resent the fact & it will defeat the purpose of the person with the vendetta & probably make the situation worse. I know this is an extreme example but it happens. The bible tells us not to judge.

    Thank you for reading my posts & to those who I may have offended I do not mean you any deliberate harm. I am just trying to shed some more light on the situation.
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