Hard Times Ahead

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Hard times indeed. The stock market here will continue to fall as investors pull out before the new "capitol gains tax" kicks in so no end in sight.
  2. Hard times indeed. The stock market here will continue to fall as investors pull out before the new "capitol gains tax" kicks in so no end in sight.
  3. I get those, too. What's up with onions? I'm not sure if they do this your area but they chop them up into these nasty little bits and then out them on the burger. It's gross. :(
  4. The prices are going up and the Big mac is getting smaller,[​IMG]

    God Bless
  5. Well then maybe people will get smaller :D:D
  6. I wish I would get smaller! Maybe the higher costs will help me! :p
  7. Yes Mom but I remember holding a Big Mac with two hands but now four finger's[​IMG] :D:D I need to loose about 20 :D
  8. :D
  9. I know this post isn't about the Big Mac, but they have the best ham (on the bone) I've ever had, and frozen pizzas for $2 (I could eat 13 of those for what I would pay to have an extra-large delivered-the food is prob. equiv to 2 1/2 frozen pizza by weight) so that's prob. stretching the dollar 6 times further. I put my dollar before my stomach, my hunger will still be there in the morning, my dollar won't.

    Aldi foods provides low cost food to consumers, which has been a blessing to my family. I find it comforting that the Lord has blessed their business and they are the largest and most sucessful grocery store. I believe the corp. is run by 2 German partners.
  10. We don't really eat at Rotten Ronnie's much. (AKA McDeath's or McRaunchy's)

    We are a Wendy's family. And our Wendy's is closed for renos for a couple more weeks. We're starting to twitch.

  11. LOL, McDeath. :D That accurately sums of 99.9% of McDonald's food unless you get lucky and they finally dish out something decent.

  12. Hey my son .... We are all in the same boat ..... errrr ...I mean train ... gravy train . :p:p:p

    Seriously , I said when I come back from my trip I am going to get medical attention to loose this weight.:eek::eek:

  13. LOL .... Well , I guess you can put them all in the same box . Mc D and Wendys and all the other fast food places .... not to say that I don't stop there once in a while but do not make it a habit. I am just as guilty as the next guy .:eek:
  14. I don't usually eat burgers although I do get a hankering sometimes. Wendy's has good salads and I really like their chicken strips. But I know menu items vary depending on which side of the border you're on.
  15. Burger King .... that's the one was thinking about ...... nasty .... I was really sick once from them and will never go back there.:eek::eek:
  16. I'm not a burger girl either. Unless it's really good do I eat burgers. It ones of those "sometimes" meals I have every so often. I like a lot of ethnic and tasty foods - Mexican (but not that silly, beans-and-cheese with meat slapped on top stuff I see to much these days), Thai, Japanese (and I mean real Japanese cooked by real Japanese people for a change!), Chinese, and others. :)
  17. I LOVE ethnic food, but my husband is a culinary chicken. Otherwise I would be cooking a lot more curry around here. I love good sushi. And as for Thai? Wow it's been so long....
    He likes bland boring meat and potatoes type stuff.
  18. I don't want to make light of the declining dollar. However, there is a healthy side to a lot of new food sizes. If you can, look at the original size of a hamburger (I know it used to cost 15 cents) it is now at least twice the size. Look at the original size of a cinnamon bun, it is now three times it's original size. Maybe, just maybe, we will eat less and no longer be known as "The Land of The Fat People" and become a healthier nation.:eek:

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