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  1. After spending way too much time in the trenches trying to clean out way too much bickering, I feel like I would like a nice, friendly fellowship topic. Only happy, encouraging thoughts may be posted in this thread. Let's have some fun. And...Go!
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  2. CAN'T YOU SEE I"M SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D


    God IS good.....
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  3. ;) here is a follow up question: what are you grateful for. I am grateful for the opportunity to write Bible Study Lessons for a living. What a life!
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  4. God is so good! Amen! Take time to think of every blessing that he has blessed us with & thank him for it... It makes you feel really good and happy :))))))
  5. There are so many blessings to be happy about for me...I suppose the one special blessing is the door opening for more self-support in my mission here, one that keeps me at home, helping my blind wife.....who is the most amazing blessing in my life!
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  6. I am very happy that God placed me in the highest possible position at work. He blessed me with a wonderful amazing super kind loving understanding encouraging beautiful wife. I am also given the opportunity to minister among the poor people in Dubai labour camps and sometimes at small fellowships. My daily needs are taken care off. My grandfather worked hard for God and had even received beatings from the public for preaching the Gospel. God took care of him and his generations. :)

    Also I am happy to be part of CFS family!!! :D
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  7. I wonder how many folks in the West even know of those labour camps....I smuggle in Bibles to Tamil Christians over here...not as many as I would like, but what God sees as prudent.
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  8. Where Jeff ministers to the poor workers:

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  9. God bless you guys....Amen
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  10. with all the wonderful blessings we got, will we cling on for dear life?

    is that a happy topic : )
  11. I think for the believer it's a case of the Lord clinging firmly to His people, which is the most assuring thing. :)
  12. My contribution: warm puppies, laughing children, sleeping babies, wrinkled old men and women whose crinkles follow the paths dictated by smiles and laughter.
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  13. ...except for the women who feel it contributes more to happiness by covering their wrinkles with foundation... :)
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  14. To learn EXACTLY what it means when we say "God is good". To me and for me, He has been and I'm sure will be until that day.
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  15. Hahahaha :D
  16. Jake: Well, I don't think you're married but my wife doesn't feel dressed if she goes out and doesn't put on her foundation face. :)


  17. No I ain't married yet Farouk, but I can see your point... Im a young bloke of 26years! I do have a sister hehe :)
  18. Blessings coming !!!!!!

    Yesterday, the windows of heaven have been opened for meh.... it started when, my aunt/pastor prayed for me before i went to check up on my Job (Ihad an interview not to long ago)...when I got there...I tried to talk to the manager but she seemed P.O'ed lol..then the guy that interviewed me came out...and ,despite the way she acted...he said, come in thursaday @ 5pm for training..thn smiled and said I will see you at work :D
    Then I was late doing my college app, I thought there was no way for me to get in..I even called and the school, said they weren't accepting applications and the lady went so far as to say, some students have been trying to submit theirs in but when they do.."error" shows up on the screen..or somethin like that..... I didn't have the 20 $ for the ap, I asked as many pll as i could..they didn't have. Then when I went over to my pastor's house..she gave me a 20 :)... but since the app is electronic it needed to be on a card... something was wrong w/ my cousin's card..so I thought ah man, guess I can't go.. then that script "you have not b/c you ask not" popped into my head..and thought to ask my cousin's cousin who was sitting on the couch, and he had the money on his card! ..and whats more..when he put his card info in... and submitted my app... it went through!!!!!!!

    Its just amazing how God's blessing pours out that day was so amazing,,, i can't rmeber what else happend, but I was blessed that day C: and blessing are coming your way ^^ as my Pastor says, heaven suffers violence so you have to take (your blessings) by force C:
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  19. What kind of job is is it, Pancakes?
  20. Jake: I guess she does hers too, then...

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