Happy Passover - Time for Judgements?

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  1. Recap timings… judgment signs

    13 Adar – Like Esther, Netanyahu Echoes Messages of Bible to Warn World on Iranian Threat (Mar 4)

    3 Nisan - Top White House official calls for end to ’50-year occupation’ (Mar 23)

    12 Nisan – Israel’s Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's 'Obama Is Haman' Rant Reflects Growing Israeli Anger Over Iran (Apr 1)

    14 Nisan - Iran Triumphant: Nuclear Deal Capitulates To Nearly All Iranian Demands (Apr 3)

    14 Nisan – Jesus died 1988 years ago today according to my study (Apr 3)

    15 Nisan – Third blood moon (Apr 4) Passover after dark

    For years I’ve proven the "cause and effects" of attacking or not supporting Israel, yet for the last couple of months, those have stopped. I asked the Lord what was going on, and all I received was “filling the cup of judgement.” It’s time to repent.
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