Happy Nov. 1st

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  1. Happy Nov. 1st


    To all my friends at C .F.S.. May the Lord's blessings pour out on all of you until your cup is overflowing.
  2. Halleujah- another day to bless and praise His Name!
    Hallelujah- another chance to trust Him and grow in faith!
    Hallelujah- another opportunity to see Him move on our behalf!
  3. The first part of November will always be a sad time for our family. Some of you already know that on November 09, 2006, our buddy and family member, 'Spot', our Black Labrador Retriever, was seriously injured while going after an intruder on our Rectory property. Both of his rear leg Anterior Crutiate Ligaments (ACL) were torn in half and he was unable to walk at all. His double surgery was done on November 27, 2006.

    His sadness and his hurts were difficult for us to deal with emotionally. However, his eagerness to do his excercises and to get well again has been a God given inspiration to our entire family. Now, after nearly a year of intensive family care for Spot, he is able to run short distances in a straight line and play a little. His rehabilitation is at about 90 percent and while there is still work to do, we are finally able to get back to a somewhat normal family schedule.

    His care was done just the same if it had been a human family member that was injured. We just thank God that we had the abilities and time to assist our friend through this past year and to extend his life here on earth. He is a wonderful addition to our family and he love that he shows to us is exceptional.
  4. What a beautiful dog Pastor Gary. I am glad he recovered so well. That just goes to prove it- a little love goes a long way!
  5. Yes, Pastor Gary,
    OUr pets are like family members and are part of the family. Any one who does not have a pet cannot understand that. What a beautiful looking dog.... lovely shiney coat. I could not do without my two cats as they greet me wheneverI come home and the one cat almost died because of surgery but she is well now and is even more loving that ever and is always at my side and follows me around the house.
  6. God loves His animals and scripture tells us that they will be with us in the eternity.
  7. Thanks to you, my cup is overflowing. May God bless you with an overflowing cup too.

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