Happy Hanukkah

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    There are nine candles in a Hanukkah Menorah because when the Maccabees took back the Temple, they only had oil enough for one day, and it takes eight days to make new burning oil. They lit the Temple Menorah and it lasted eight days. This is the reason it's called the Festival of Dedication (the meaning of the word Hanukkah), which is mentioned in the scriptures, John 10:22. It is when I believe Mary conceived Jesus via the Holy Spirit. Jesus, the Word, is Dedicated to us, the reader (a Son is given, Isa 9:6) from the Father above. The Festival of Lights because Jesus is the Light of the world. So...

    Happy Dedication!

    You can read a lot from this site (not mine):
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  2. When I did not know much about Hanukkah, I thought it was completely against Christian beliefs. Now I am learning more, I even wonder if Christians should support Hanukkah? I am not saying we should celebrate it like Christmas. At least recognize that we are also affiliated to that. And not something we should look at like festival which is not related to us at all... If it was the same Lord who did this miracle, I see no harm in wishing happy hanukkah to Jewish and Christian friends! What do you think?
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  3. I agree. There are too many pigeon-holed beliefs. It's not accepting "them" but seeing that God is still God of the universe. It's only OUR beliefs that cause trouble. :)
  4. When lighting the candles for Chanukah, most Jews recite Hadlakat Nerot Chanukah, the traditional blessing established by the rabbis.

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