Happy Fall You All

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  1. Happy Fall You All


    From one pumpkin to another!!!!!!!
    A woman was asked by a coworker, 'What is it like to be a
    The coworker replied, 'It is like being a pumpkin.' God picks you
    from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you.
    Then He cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff.
    He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed. Then He carves you
    a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all
    the world to see.'
  2. Thanks, Dusty - well, at least it is in the Northern Hemisphere...LOL. :)
  3. Yes , You're right about that P. G. I love this season cause it's not too hot and all the beautiul colours.:)

    But the next season .... well . I can skip it . They already had snow in northern Ontario.... Too close for comfort. LOL:(.... Oh No .
  4. Ew I hate fall... all the rain... yukky!

    Happy Fall for everyone who loves it though... ;)
  5. Our rainy season is during the summer. I really liked that and sent it to a friend.
  6. I thought that was cool too .... Some one sent it to me . But it is so true and a wonderful way of explaining it .:D
  7. Cool pumpkin analogy, sending it to other pumpkin women!
  8. HAha!!!! Dusty!!!!!

    do you want to know how mad I am getting that I am in Canada during Fall/winter/spring :D?????? I'll go crazy LOL sure it's nice to look at only sometimes
    it is only acceptable in Summer, yet it was a horrible summer this season like usual.

    now the temperature is around 10 and all day around 11, it was so cold though. I was freezing. and soon it will be 8 and -2 minimum.

    in my house I was freezing yet it was hot ! My hands were freezing all day today!!!!!!!!!
    :'( get me out of Canada God please :'(

    I wanna go to the south :'(
  9. Ha ha ... Rams.... You are not a true blue Canadian for sure . Oh well soon the white stuff will be here sooner than we think.:D:(:confused:
  10. that is when I will die of cold :D I am sooooo not made for cold dusty you do not understand LOL!! I am from Lebanon I need hot weather! I need to melt! Maybe I'll live in a furnace xD
  11. Ha Ha .... I am Canadian and I still don't like the cold .
  12. Dusty - I'm 330 miles west southwest of you at the moment and we are supposed to get some 'Lake Effect' snow overnight... :eek:
  13. :eek::eek::eek: oh no not yet .... I don't want all my flowers to die .
  14. LOL cute Dusty :D

    Jesus will raise it up!
  15. next summer :rolleyes:
  16. This is for you Rams ...:D
  17. why thank you.

    *goes into a furnace :D*
  18. :D:D Actually it is cold here today and I have my furnace on . That is early for Oct. Hope that is not a sign of things to come ...... :(:(:(

    Oh No .... I hate cleaning snow.
  19. Thanks Dusty ...

    But here in Oz, spring has sprung!


  20. Thanks Dusty...
    Just like Revlynn, we here in little old New Zealand, it's springtime, with all beautiful spring blossoms on the trees everywhere. Although in saying that Autumn/Fall is my favourite time of the year.

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