Happy Birthday Juk!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Juk!
    May God richly bless with every Godly desire in that is in your heart!

    Make sure you enjoy your day.

    Love you little brother!

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  2. Happy, happy and many glorious returns. Love ya, too!

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  3. Thank you :)
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  4. Thank you :) But I didn't get to watch the video because I am on mobile.
  5. You're welcome![emoji2]
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  6. That's ok....I was looking too quickly for a short fireworks burst...but I noticed it was more a gopro ad. The fireworks is my celebration of your another year wiser. :LOL:
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  7. Thanks.
  8. 144e1_b237.jpeg
    I know that you like swords....so i pray this one is ok. Happy Birthday little man! I pray it is a very wonderful day for you!
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  9. Thank you, that sword is awesome!
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  10. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a blessed day.
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  11. Mr Juk,
    Happy Birthday My Brother !!
    I pray that this year will be the best year yet so far and that God will Bless you more then your could ever dream of. May His love be shown in and through you like the flooding waters of a broken dam.
    GOd Bless You my Friend
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  13. [​IMG]

    HBD Juk!!! :D
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  14. Thank you :)
  15. Thank you :)
  16. Thank you :)
  17. Lets just all have birthday WEEK!!

    In heavenly kingdom I suspect all our birthdays gonna be the same! We gonna live for thousand years with Jesus!
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