Happy Birthday Cturtle and Thank God For YOU

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    And as you go through out the years to come, I have but this wish for you


    Happy Birthday Cturtle and I thank God every day for bringing you into my life and making it a much more meaningful and blessed place to be !!
    God Bless YOU and
    Love in Christ
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    Thank You for all that you have done in my life and for sharing my wifi ever so faithfully.
    You always make me smile and seem to be able to laugh at all my wierdness even if it is pretty funny at that.

    Happy Birthday Cturtle
    Love and Hugs
    Thy lil ol fish catcher me
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    Now then you know when God places a desire or DREAM especially if it is a ministry He will do what He says. So do not ever stop Belieiving but simply keep on trusting and knowing it is done and allow Him to track us throughther days ahead and finsin preparing us for what he has instore.

    It wont be long and this is only but one of the views you will be seeing from the comfort of you very own home.

    Happy Birthday
    God Bless YOU Sweet Pea
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  4. With tears of Joy i say thank You! I don't have the words to express my gratitude!
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  7. @Euphemia you are toooo kind! Awesome cake! Thank you for being my friend and being in my life!
    Blessings, love and huggs....
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  8. Yea she is like that alright for she just grows on ya !!
    Truth be told she is a wonderful sister and friend !
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  9. I am finding you to be the awesome one!

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  10. Awwzz!

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  11. @Euphemia wow is all i can say....with tears in my eyes its hard to see ;) :ROFLMAO:
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  12. Awww this thread is so sweet.

    Happy Birthday!! Cturtle.

    My our amazing Lord bless you with a manifestation of His awesome presence on your special day.
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  13. Aw shucks mam, I aint notten really !!
  14. Gee, I just remembered---it is also my late father's birthday today! He would be 87 today! He's with Jesus now!
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  15. Well then Dad has a wonderful Birthday party going on !!
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  16. Thanks for being so kind! I really appreciate your generous words. They have brought me peace.
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  17. I'm happy to hear that [emoji2]. And you are welcome.
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  18. Oh wow....thanks for sharing this this! It's a good memory!
    My dad who is in heaven now also....used to always tease me and say that the 29th was my birthday. Then would jokingly and laughing say something silly like your mom told me to say... i am thankful God is taking such good care of him and my brother.
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  19. Now if there are old cars that need restorted, well we know who will be jumping for joy especially if there is a STRAIGHT TRACK IN SIGHT !!
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  20. Happy birthday Cturtle!

    This is what my church sings whenever someone has a birthday

    Happy Birthday to you
    To Jesus be true
    God Bless you and keep you
    The whole year through!
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