Happy Birthday America!

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] God Bless America![​IMG]
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  2. (y) Gorgeous A cappella harmony! Thank you for posting that here. :)
  3. WOW they don't need instruments to sound great! Thanks Jeff for posting that:D
  4. Please don't use God's name in vain.

    He will bless whom he wishes.

    Instead say it like this:

    God, bless America. If it be your plan.
  5. God's name is not, God.

    I hope everyone had a marvelous celebration on our independence day. :)
  6. God is a title. Yahweh is a name.
  7. Yahweh is a statement.

    Not really a name either. Nit has been picked now.
  8. [​IMG] I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.
  9. what the heck is that thing? LOL
  10. The peacekeeper. There is also a rainbow video I posted to help ease tension.
  11. looks like that monster that crawled out from under my bed LOL
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  12. :LOL: And I thought my under-bed dust bunnies were weird. :p

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