Happened Last Night and this Morning

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Dusty, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Happened Last Night and this Morning

    When ever I post something I keep getting this error thread and then can't get back in C. F.S . for a while .

  2. And then when I get back in it says there is no forum found ... Duh !!!
  3. I had a simpler error . and when i clicked on the part of the forum it was supposed to be on (instead of re-posting) it was actually posted . but what you have noticed seems troubling . no forum .. hmm
  4. I just got another fatal error posting and it seems christianvolume is getting the same thing.
  5. are other sites getting the same error?
  6. I had this problem too. See my latest thread I posted.

    I had this for two nights in a row and the connection just finally canceled out.

  7. I had this problem last night, but I was able to get back. I like posted and received that. Give it a few days, though. I'm sure it'll get back to normal.
  8. I had it just now, which is unusual.

    Look, I don't want to freak anyone out, but having it experienced it once before, fatal errors and the like are usual preludes to DDoS server attacks. No joke. It starts slowly by cutting down the server connectivity and then BAM - the whole thing just shuts down like a bomb.
  9. Near, i've seen that before too on some SMF servers .
  10. The first time I experienced a major DDoS attack was on a large forum I used to be a member of before I left. For month or so, everyone was having troubles accessing the forums and things were getting slower, uploaded files like pictures, etc. mysteriously disappeared, and then one day the whole place just shut down and there was only a blank page where the forum used to be. It took a week or so to rebuild the place, but that was because vB responded quickly and it wasn't the only place that got murdered.

  11. I don't know if that has ever happened to me here.* I get an error once in a while on a much larger forum. That same forum was once hacked so everything faded into a screen with a decidedly anti-Christian message and graphics.

    *Maybe Vista is good for something after all?
  12. It's unusual to have these many errors. It's constant. This forum has never had any problems, but I noticed since it's gotten bigger and is supporting more people, problems are coming up which I have never had to deal with before.
  13. Just clicked on a thread and I got page not here . Duh

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