Handling Dissapointment

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    But as for you, you meant evil against me but God meant it for good in order to bring it about as it is this day to save many people alive —Joseph Every human disappointment paves way for divine appointment for every purpose driven life. Devil’s ultimate plan is to stop you: if he can’t, to delay you—distracting you—discouraging you, all to limit you.

    Disappointment is not dethronement

    The Psalmist said in return of my love they are my accusers (Ps 109:4). Joseph was disappointed by his blood brother but the young boy would not give up on his dream. He was grieved and hurt but the young man kept on through life. Don’t watch your dream fading out because of disappointment; you have the choice to make: whether to give up or to get up. It is never the end and don’t make it the end of the road either. People are great asset of encouragement but they could sometimes display great access to discouragement if you rely on them. Let go of the past you can let grow your future. Abraham, with all he did for Lot—against his own destiny was repaid with wickedness of Lot’s greediness Abraham never felt disappointed because he trusted his God: it was rather a divine appointment with the delayed destiny.

    “And they all forsook Him and fled”

    Sometimes the path of life will involve a narrow bridge that could allow just only one person to cross at a time and that person will be you with all well-wishers helplessly kept behind! Life is essentially a personal race with friends to cheer you up and sometimes the enemies to shout you down.. Friends sometimes will go on holiday leaving you with a lonely day “My loved ones and my friends stand aloof at my plague” the psalmist voiced. Parents also may neglect you. (Ps. 27:10). The only person that can never disappoint you is your maker—the greatest lover and father! You surely have a cross to carry and know that nobody may be willing to give you a helping hand, when you sometimes need it most: there may not be soldiers to compel Simon to help carry your cross. Life is more of a personal responsibility. Scripture says for each one will bear his own load. When people share your burden but suddenly remove their shoulder just cast your burden upon the Lord. Let go the past life let grow the present life and, so let glow, the post life!
  2. Every day individuals face disillusionment of all kinds from a small skipped probability to a life-altering disappointment and every day people get over these issues and progress with their life. Originally it might seem difficult, but managing disappointment well is a valuable part of living a positive lifestyle.
  3. You are 104 years old?

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