Hallo To All!

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  1. Hallo To All!

    Hallo To All!

    My name is Benedictine, an Anglican Christian who has been very fortunate to have found this delightful forum!

    Regarding myself, I grew up as what I call a "cultural christian," only to fall away from faith as I reached adulthood. Then after being moved by a genuine christian example, I looked into the faith and was dismayed to discover that I was a miserable sinner who was completely lost. But realising that I was being led to repentance by Jesus Christ, I received him as my saviour and was completely cleansed by his blood! I was baptised after my conversion and attended a nice evangelical church, but soon found myself being drawn to a good Episcopal Church in which God's Word was honoured and was the authority.

    Unfortunately, the national Episcopal Church USA has been going astray, and after the "gay bishop affair" my parish split away and affiliated with an Anglican group that realised the importance in staying firm to God's Word. And so here I am, serving the Lord, His Church, and all people as best as I can.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this internet forum, where I hope to meet many good new people and contribute myself to it. Amen.
  2. Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it here, and I look forward to your contributions.
  3. Halloooooooooooooo! :D
  4. Welcome to the CFS family brother B!!!:D
  5. Welcome and enjoy the refreshing company here!
  6. Welcome! Looking forward to sharing in God's Word with you.

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