Hallo from India

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by godisjust, May 19, 2007.

  1. Hallo from India

    Dear All,
    I am from India. I am happy to associate with you all great people.
    I have completed my B.Th course. I am an evangelist and do translation of Bible literature. For living,I take up painting jobs.
    Thank you for reading,
  2. godisjust, welcome to the community. :D Hope you have a good time here. pm me if you need any help.

    Yeshu aapka saath hai. ;)
  3. Thank you Mr. Jeff for the welcome.
    Your Hindi words impressed me.
    Mat 16:19 is one of the most powerful
    promises by Jesus christ.
    I love to see it in your signature!
    Thank you once again.
  4. Godisjust- I love that name- welcome to CFS ! :D
  5. Greetings Godisjust!
    Welcome to CFS.
  6. Hi godisjust!!!:)
  7. Oh! I never thought CFS would be such a loving community.
    Thank you Boanerges, Sylvanus, violet, IOACW & AmericanAngel for your care and love towards me!
  8. Yes, we love you, you are one of God's own!

  9. Godisjust what kind of painting do you do ? I used to help my dad paint houses in the city of New Orleans as a young boy !
  10. Dear Boanerges,
    Thank you for your question.
    As per the house owners' desire we use
    1) distemper painting
    2) Premium Emulsion or royale emulsion for interior wall painting
    3) Apex or Apex ultima emulsion for exterior wall painting.

    thank you for inscribing my name on the greeting card. It is lovely!
  11. Welcome brother from India! Do post more here!

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