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  1. :cool: I really like the first one.:)
  2. Me too. The second one sounds very homemade. I just like it for her vocals particularly at that one part. It could be cleaned up though.
  3. Here's another one.

  4. How's this one for passionate?

  5. mark i was just thinking about posting that song. i personally think the version done by Jeff Buckley is probably the best though. its really to bad he had to die so young :( i also like the version done by bon jovie with piano and violin.
  6. Awesome stuff Mark!
  7. Hallelujah

    Oh, I so Love Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah, I still get chills listening to this song. I remember purchasing this album "Grace" when it was released some years ago, it moved me greatly. His voice is very beautiful.

    I was looking to post this myself, but it appears I was beat to the punch. I'm glad to see others appreciate the beauty. The song brings me joy but I feel as if I want cry (I think I may have in the past) when listening to this moving rendition.

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