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  1. I have a serious question... I was about to go spend 15-20 bucks on a haircut, but then I thought it would be better to give it to the church. So should I grow my hair out long so I don't have to spend money on haircuts? Or do I go spend 15-20 bucks to keep it short?

    Any thoughts?
  2. Ya Ya!! Buy a personal cutting kit and cut your own like i do :) You cant do styles though just straight cuts like a buzz cut up to 1/2 "long with the blade guards. It pays for itself!
    And it costs about 20 bucks for a Conair brand. That's what i have hehehe
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  3. I'd think it up to you.

    I btw hack my own hair off these days but that started at a time when I couldn't even face the hairdresser who comes round for my parents. The trimmer thing that also does my beard does a job that I'm happy enough with and when I feel it's got too long. I don't have a charity consideration in this. It was just something I found at a bad time I could do.
  4. I hope this does not turn out to be a HAIRY situation aaaahahahahahahahaha:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::D:cool:
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  5. You bad.... ;)
  6. Well I don't want my hair to look stupid, so either I go get it cut or I let it grow. Which should I do? I'm thinking of making my hair into a Church project. Everytime I'm told or asked to go get a haircut, I can give that money to the church.
  7. Let it grow long and let the church raffle your (say) ponytail? Have a sponsored haircut event?
  8. Or may be buy a self hair cut kit and you can do both. Cut hair yourself and still donate the amount to Church :) It has been over 2 years since I started self hair cut. With some experience, it becomes quite easy. If you are someone who gives too much importance to hair style, then go to barber shop. Otherwise this is really good.
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  9. Same bro! My next hair cut is due. Hopefully I will get some time this long weekend.
  10. Something like ^^this^^ and then donate your hair to Locks of Love.

    Double win.
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  11. I wish the trophy button still existed for that one. Really does seem to me a great solution to the OP's dilemma and one that would beneft some kids.
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    For @TH420X

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