Hair and Beard

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  1. Hair and Beard

    Leviticus 19:27

    You shall not round the corners of the hair of your heads nor trim the corners of your beard [as some idolaters do].

    Leviticus 21:5

    The priests [like the other Israelite men] shall not shave the crown of their heads or clip off the corners of their beard or make any cuttings in their flesh.

    Am I not to shave around my chin and leave my chin hair and moustache longer as I do?

    Am I not to cut my hair a certain way?
  2. This was under The Law Mark!
    It's ok, in the NT Paul says men should keep short hair !
    Dont want you going all grizzly on us do we !
  3. If you were a practicing Jew those would apply but you are a new creation under a better covenant!:)
    At one time I grew my hair and beard out fairly long and my family told me I looked like an apostle:p:eek::eek:.
  4. Its very easy to get caught up in the Law like that. I once wore a scarf for 3 months! ha!
    Look at Acts, there is a chapter there where they had a big council to decide what to tell the Gentiles they should do. The rules they needed to follow.
    They prayed about it and came up with that the Jewish rules and regulations were too much of a burden for the Gentiles that never grew up with it and came up with a "short list". Much better!
    I forget which chapter it is, but should be easy to find.


  5. I think the verse that you are referring to is in 1 Corinthians 11. That verse has accidentally come to my attention twice in the past couple of weeks (as I was flipping through two different Bibles).

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