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  1. Haiku

    Let's do some Haikus!

    5 Syllables
    7 Syllables
    5 Syllables

    May I start...? Okay, here goes...I'm not too good, so don't laugh and choke on your Atomic Fireballs...

    Our God is a Rock
    Standing solid forever
    His shadow protects

    ...your turn!:cross:
  2. <_< That was 5-7-7 for the record....

    猶みたし 花に明行 神の顔

    nao mitashi
    hana ni ake yuku
    kami no kao

    How I long to see,
    Among dawn flowers,
    the face of God.

    ~Matsuo Basho
  3. I look up to God
    One day I'll see His eyes smile
    I feel Him today.
  4. I'm sorry, I know I will be looking like the stupidest person on the planet, but


  5. Donna ...no...., Laura so that makes two of us LOL.

    Anyways I'll try the 5. 7. 5. thing

    How great is our God

    He heals broken hearts and restores souls

    His very nature is peace.
  6. Sacrifice
    Born to a virgin
    Was the Lamb and the Lion
    Crucified for us
    He gave up His life
    So we may live forever
    He recieves His bride
    Satan's fate is sealed
    With the last breath Christ exhaled
    Nailed upon the cross
    The Holy Spirit guides
    And leads us to our Father
    He utters what we can't
    Praise Jesus our King
    The wedding is now prepared
    The table is set
    Do not hide in fear
    Be bold and spread the Gospel
    And be freed from sin
    He who has overcome
    Has always and always will
    and does, He is ALIVE!
    The sheep see the staff
    They follow it with no fear
    The staff will keep them
    While wolves lie in wait
    The shephard keeps safe His flock
    And the hedge is high
    One word is spoken
    It is all that is needed
    One word, His word;AMEN
    In His care
    Fallen, scraped and bruised
    Before the great Physician
    Our scars healed with blood
    The Carpenter
    Three nails and two beams
    Constructed a church of Saints
    That will stand forever
    Two arms He opened wide
    Two days He gave up to death
    Two Angels said He lives
  7. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry where you don't use rhyme (partially because MOST japanese words can be made to rhyme one way or another through conjugation), but instead use a strict meter of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.
  8. LOL

    I told you guys I wasn't very good at this! I count my syllables wrong...

    Let me modify it today...okay, I fixed my original Haiku, now it matches the syllables...


    I just read some of these, like reading colorful psalms...they're BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks...brought a tear to my eye.
  9. Oh well I guess I wasn't too good at it either.
  10. Are you kidding me!?

    These are all beautiful! I've written them down on post-its and tacked them all around my desk!

    They're like little lights all shining around me! Different colors. So pretty...
  11. Ban! How many fingers do you have on each hand.
    It was 5,7,5 for WW
  12. ^^ Just took a traditional Haiku and translated it three times.
  13. I haven't done a Haiku since the third grade- that was 1966- wow!

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