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  1. who does the drums? or are they done with a drum machine? he's good, does your son know how to write tabs? can you ask him if i can get one? this sounds cool to play :)
  2. Thank you, Daniel.
    I don't know but I think he does write tabs.
    He has some great music he has composed.
    I'll check~
    Oh yeah, drums~synthesized~

    Unless he's with my brother Scott, the best drummer in the world!
    He isn't playing but he's on my blog too.
    He has recorded albums with Pete Way from UFO though you are probably too young to know them~
  3. yea i dont UFO, they sounded like synths.
  4. Pretty good, tell him to keep up the good work!
  5. Bluemark, that is very kind of you!
    Thank you~
  6. Very nice sister- my congratulations to Stephen for a job well done- many blessings Larry
  7. Thank you kind sir!

  8. Course... its one guitar player to another. I like his music

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