Guitar playas!

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by JesusKID1013, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Guitar playas!

    so guy smy girlfriend and i are getting into praise and worship together. im gonna play guitar and she is gonna sing : ):dance: im excited about it. but i was wondering if anyone here plays guitar or likes to lead praise and worship if so lets chat. share chords and songs and what not. so if anyone likes guitar speak up! :D
  2. I can't help you but I think that is awesome and I am very proud of both of you!

  3. well,I like to play guitar, but have a hard time learning other people's songs. I try to read tab and listen to the songs at the same time, and have had some success with bits and peices of songs, but my problem is probably due more to ignorance of song structure and music theory. I have some stuff of my own that I like to play, but they are more just simple melodies and riffs than complete songs. I'm just chiming in to congratulate you on this new endeavor, cause I would love to be able to praise God with the guitar, and I love listening to guitar music of virually every kind. I just never seem to have the drive/discipline to make myself sit down and practice the harder stuff. I am gonna keep an eye on this thread so I can offer encouragement from the bleachers, and maybe learn something from you and the other more experienced players on here.
  4. Hey JesusKID,

    Im hardout into the guitar...Been playing it ever since i was 14 and im 21 now so...i play at my church youth group every alternate wednesdays and at church too...>We do mainly Hillsong stuff...

    Here are some of my recordings if you wanna have a hear...

  5. Are you joining your Church Worship team or are you Just doing this together ?
  6. I am part of the Church/Youth Worship Team and i do this together..I like playing the guitar and music is my hobby...I love to copy other artists, nail their sounds and record them..Hoping to become a professional one day :)

  7. no this is just for us for fun. she is good at singing and i enjoy the guitar and we know God gave them to us so we are just trying to encourage each other by honoring God with our talents.
  8. <~~~ Worship leader/guitar player... and I absolutely love it!
  9. sweet how long have you been playing? (deepwater)
  10. Hey, JK1013 - welcome to CFS. Nice to have you here.

    In answer to your question, I started out in the early 1960's playing a Fender Bass with a 150 watt tube type Bassman amp head and 15 inch woofer in a quartet for highschool dances. I have been playing bass ever since for recreation and for special events. My current equipment includes a vintage extended octave Kay Proline Bass and a Fender "Rumble" bass amp. I am currently looking seriously into trading in the Kay Proline and getting a Gibson "SG Series" or a Fender "American Vintage ‘62 Jazz Bass" which is very similar to what I started with - and is in current production.
  11. Former worship leader and guitar player. Let me know if you need some assistance by sending me a PM.
  12. <--------------Sound Engineer :D
  13. guitar player lyricist
  14. wow so its been forever since i posted... but thanks for replying! thats cool that you've been playing so long. im still strummin my original 6 string :) its an ion... a cheap of the wall guitar thats held up for 4 years now.

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