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  1. Some people tend to always take someone's else's interpretations, teaching, explanation, etc. as being 100% correct and complete as they currently understand it... It's what the may have always heard, or been taught, etc... they may not take time to really, truly, reflect on it...
    or many times we see a scripture from a certain perspective, and maybe miss some other really good points. Then later, we may read it again and come away with a whole new insight on some aspect of it.
    Anyway, I'm wondering what scriptures have you had a change in perspective, deeper understanding about, or maybe have some beautiful meaning revealed to you that you hadn't seen before.
  2. Pick a scripture from Genesis to Revelation and I have gained a deeper understanding of.
    That's just it, if we lived for a thousand years, we still would not have a full understanding of God's word.
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  3. Good morning AtomicSnoflake. I think every single scripture can apply to your comment / question. I can read the same scripture 10 different times at different times in my life and walk away with a new deeper understanding of that scripture. Does this make sense, what I am saying?

    The Holy Spirit can bring us into a deeper understanding each and every time we read a scripture. At least this is how it is for me. Transformation in our spirits / minds / bodies, etc. happens daily and that is so exciting to know we are changing daily, if we allow the Lord / HS to work in us and transform us.

    I love reading / rereading and gaining a different perspective each time I read the same scripture. It's quite exciting.
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  4. As we grow in Christ we are able to Receive more truth or a deeper understanding of any Given Scripture in God's Word.

    If we grow in the things of God then He will enlighten our understanding more and more but before a deeper understanding comes, growth in Christ and the things of God Always takes place first.

    There is no limit to what we can learn and truth be told we will spend all of eternity learning.
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  5. That is so very true and I am so very thankful.
  6. Hello AtomicSnowflake;

    Yes, whether we're a new disciple, an experienced Bible teacher, theological scholar or going back to the early church fathers, we're all responsible and this has happened during the then and there time as well as today.

    Now, we have Spiritual discernment if someone is being silly, confrontational or just exposing their egos in their posts. I've been there, done that. Lord forgive me.

    However, disagreements, misinterpretations, (debates - check CFS rules) is acceptable and can be healthy in our discussions, but there is a more important character, our LOVE and acceptance of who we are when we write and fellowship with others for the Kingdom.

    This is why, for example, "listening" while I'm reading your thread is a LOVING benefit that Jesus teaches us, AtomicSnowflake. I may not understand your teaching, or I may disagree with you, or I may be in total accord with you, the scriptures encourages me,

    "Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; James 1:19 - ESV

    By following the discipline of this profound verse allows me to go past what you're writing but knowing who you are in Christ and believing you prayed before posting your thread. In this case I do believe you did because you ask a great question and it gives me time to think about my fellowship with other believers and the unreached.

    When others write or express their thoughts in our Christian walk has allowed Jesus to mature me in this area. I have to give my all in all to release the other person from myself in controlling, coerce or dominate him or her with my doctrine (bruised ego).

    The other person needs to be allowed to stand firm with their independence of me and to be accepted as he or she writes or shares their opinions and convictions for who they are, who they are in Christ who loved them as well, who died and for His forgiveness of our sins.

    God's lead over you and me is decisive. So before I am quick to react when I read your thread, have I acted in Christ? Or is the scripture leading me to receive your writings in Christ? We must leave each one of us our freedom to belong to Him, and meet one another as each one of us is already in Christ's eyes.

    Your thread blessed me. I truly believe at Christian Forum Site we all have the comfort of enjoying good discussions, talk Jesus, that will benefit us in our faith walk as well as our teachings to others.

    God bless you, AtomicSnowflake and your family!
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  7. May I know your explanation;

    What is the meaning of AtomicSnowflake? lol! It made me curious!

    I understand CoffeeDrinker. I enjoy fellowship with other brothers and sisters while having my cup of coffee!

    God bless you, AtomicSnowflake, and thanks!
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  9. Now I want a nice hot coffee while walking in the snow.....and
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  10. Perfect! That sounds great! I'll join you, CoffeeMaker!
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  12. Now all we need is to watch Hallmarks countdown to Christmas. .....

    I lIke the hallmark channel Christmas movies. Throw in atomic snow and coffee.....its perfect.
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  13. ok... Let me begin by saying how blessed I feel to be included in this group. You all are truly special people. When I was first looking around the net at christian forums sites, (to try to clear up some questions I was having)... I would visit & poke around and read through some of the discussions... and quite a few of them felt pretty "questionable", (for lack of a better way to say it). I am very greatful that I was allowed to become a member here...
    Each and every one of you are truly caring and genuine people who love Christ and it shows in each comment, reply, & discussion on these boards.
    I am very moved by the the attitudes & responses that I see posted not only this thread, but all of the others as well. It is refreshing and inspiring to see Christians behaving as Christians! May God Bless you all!
    As for the name of AtomicSnowflake... I came up with this several years ago when google started gmail accounts. It was quite difficult to come up with something for an email address that wasn't already taken without having to add some useless extra characters, digits, letters or whatever...
    So I tried to think of a pair of unrelated words that sounded good together & was different, or unique. Words that were opposites... a cute jumbo shrimp.
    I liked snowflake as being delicate, pretty, & natural... and for an extreme opposite, I liked atomic..
    But as someone pointed out later... it is also the name of a flower. I never knew that. :)
  14. I have to agree with you that the core group of people in here are the utmost best, and you are a great part of it!

    Thank you for following the Lord's leading to be here. :)

    I definitely like your user name... it's so unique that's it's easy to remember! And as little that I know about you... it seems to fit you perfectly
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  15. I was trying to think of a verse that I have learned the right meaning to... I'm still trying to nail one down of so many... lol

    Thank you.for a very well thought out and thought provoking thread!
    Blessings to you
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  16. AtomicSnowflake =

    2 Corinthians 4:18, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

    The smallest particle called an atom.

    1 Corinthians 12:27, Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.

    Because we are all created differently, like snowflakes, yet we are one body of Christ. Or,

    Matthew 28:3, And his appearance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.

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    It's interesting you should post this... the reason being is that several years back I had a "dream". It was very revealing for me. Short version of it... I dreamed I was killed, and taken into the heavens, where I became completely joined in unity. Each "individual" was as an "atom"... meaning each person/soul had the physical form of basically a single point of light... but yet all united/joined, "as cells in a body" moving/functioning as one... the appearance was as if seeing uncountable brilliant points of light encircling the core of the purest, brightest, most brilliant, holiest light, (God). It was as the color of the brightest lightning... I had the sense that the purest/holiest were each in their place in closeness to God.
    As I was seeing this, and as I would have a thought or question, it was like it was just instantly, made known to me..
    I also observed other souls that were "dark", (cast out)... they were not included in the united, circling, brilliant light... but they were each completely isolated from everything... I got the sensation that it was like being completely and totally alone, with only your mind, in the darkness... nothing to see, or feel, or hear, or touch...forever endlessly searching franticly for another soul... for anything... any feeling, any contact... anything. These dark souls were tormented... alone, afraid, with an unending burning desire to feel God's love. To me, this represented the "outer darkness"... Their worm- the torment of being complety cut off from God's love. And the fire not quenched, as they will forever search, yet never find.
    Mark 9:44 KJV
    44 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.
    I was also shown that we as humans are not emotionally capable of the full truth/love/revelation of God... meaning that if we only REALLY knew what it was like, that we would be unable to live out our lives here on Earth... we would only have one desire.. to be there instead of here! We would not want to eat, or sleep, or anything... we would only want to praise Him and hunger for Him, and not have the presence of mind to live our lives here as functioning people.
    Anyway..... sorry about the lenght of this short version. If anything in here is not appropriate according to rules of the site, you can remove it.. but since the thread kind of went that direction, I thought it was revelant..
    ------------------------- Edit-------------------------------
    I see I have "misquoted" what I referenced as being "outer darkness"....
    to be proper, (from
    STRONGS NT 1857: ἐξώτερος
    ἐξώτερος, ἐξωτέρᾳ, ἐξώτερον (a comparative from ἔξω, cf. ἐσώτερος, ἀνώτερος, κατώτερος), outer: τό σκότος τό ἐξώτερον, the darkness outside the limits of the lighted palace (to which the Messiah's kingdom is here likened), Matthew 8:12; Matthew 22:13; Matthew 25:30. ((the Sept.; Strabo, others).)
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  18. AtomicSnowflake,

    I find the last paragraph that you shared with us is good food for thought. Perhaps we are not emotionally (and spiritually) capable of the ultimate truth/love/revelation of God. Could it be because God has a mission for us on Earth because not everyone is saved? Or, is He refining us, preparing us for our Spiritual eternity with Him one day when we will be fully capable of the full truth/love/revelation of our God?
    God bless you.
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  19. I'm sure only God has that answer... but I believe all of what you ask is true and applies.
    Another impression I received from this was that we were created in order to experience and know love/God. Real, pure, true God-love. (I'm sharing what it meant "to me"... it was a personal answer to prayer during a very difficult time in my life.) I viewed it as we were created by God's love... so that we might know love, and have love for God. I felt as if our souls, part of God himself, were given this earth life as a precious gift. As a unique opportunity to have an indescribable beautiful journey/expierence... (not unlike this life being much like a dream, - as in temporary, and when compared to eternity, only lasts for a short time.. then when we are gone from here... we will become awake, the veil will be gone... and will be given our place... whether it be with God, or without).
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  20. That's very interesting. Thank you for sharing all of this. I was hurt by someone very close to me and I just needed to be loved and I was so lonely for love. I told this to God one day and I discussed with him my loneliness, my issues and I just felt so unloved. I expressed my desire to be wrapped in His love and told God if I could choose anything to ever have, I choose His love.

    One day while praying I felt His love wrap around me and It has not left. I feel so loved right now and it has created a sense of security and so much happiness and freedom deep within me. I cannot even explain it.

    All of this has happened to me within the last month.

    The love I feel wrapped around me every single day is hard to explain to someone. It's very real even though I cannot see it and it runs very deep because I feel so much comfort, happiness, very content and so much joy deep within me. I tell God every day it's so much and I just want to share it. I started asking him to send me people every day I can show the love of God to. It literally feels as though it has spilled over onto me. This was my answer to prayer.

    God truly is wonderful. Even now I can feel his love and all I can describe is that if feels like something is always swirling around me.. if that even makes any sense. And I feel it as though the love is alive, if that makes any sense. Like it moves around me and goes so deep, like no depth or limit... it just goes on and on.....

    I have never experienced this before and every day I thank God for His love and I find that I now have so much more freedom in God but also have a great deal of gratitude. I am so full of thankfulness to Him. I could go on and on because I feel some days it just over flows around me. I am so very happy and blessed.
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