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Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by dario68w, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. We are pretty much on the same page. And since God knows the outcome, and God presents the choices in your life to make, by the choices you face, directs your life. He who controls the choices, controls the outcome. You may choose, knife or gun, how do you wish to die.

    That was observational, not judgemental. It was my view not an accusation of how wrong you are.
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  2. I know you didn't mean any judgement, however, I think it's correct, to let God take control completely instead of me intending him to but me still holding on to some control.
  3. Sounds right to me.

    In romans 6 paul is describing the battle we must do. And we do the battle, through the battle is how HE takes control.

    We battle that force in romans 7, which Paul said he wasn't in any longer in vs 5.
    If we are in the flesh we will be facing the struggles as Paul describes later.

    The solutionis romans 8, if the spirit indwells I'm not in the flesh. It's the Spirit's accomplishments.

    In Phil 3 Paul discusses he's not aware of any sins and doesn't care, he focuses on the race before him.

    That race is love like God does.

    So, focus on the love, not the sin. run to God not away from sin.
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  4. Amen to that. Still think we have an ongoing relationship with the LORD. ;)

    On a serious note it was a blessing discussing this with you and if there is anything else you feel like discussing please say so, if not then I'll see you around and kindly ask a mod to close this topic down.
  5. D,

    We can talk about anything at any time. Even though we didn't agree on parts, both big and small, we managed to work our way through, find common ground, identify where we differ, and understand each other.

    AMAZING! :p

    Any time brother.

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