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  1. Groups?

    I was wondering about the groups and group membership. What are they? How do they work? Are there any plans to activate that feature?
  2. Truthfully I do not know the answer? Anyone?
  3. I forwarded the question to Jeff. I am sure he will be able to shed some light on this subject.
  4. I believe that group membership have to do with permissions customised by the administrator.

    The permissions are basically anything in between what an administrator can do and what a regular user can do.

    Default groups (and therefore not shown) on this forum are:
    Junior Member
    Senior Member
    Moderator Team

    There are some functions that can be added without the user being part of a group, like no PM before 5(?) posts, etc....
    But if the Administrator had desired to set these permissions as part of a group, he could have created one, like, say 'Newby'
  5. I see said the blind man!:D
  6. I ask because a forum I was in at one time had a restrictd group feature that allowed members to establish a small group that could post and converse within forum guidelines. It created a semi private forum (a forum that could be read publicly but only posted in by is group members) I have also seen debate sub forums set up in a simular manner, restricting who can post in them. I was wondering if this feature would or could be made available here at CFS?

  7. Jeff is going to review this thread and I am sure he will be able to answer that also. Blessings on your day, Larry
  8. That is actually a good idea and yes it could be implemented here at CFS. I'll be considering it for CFS. Any more suggestions to add? :)
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  16. Thanks Jeff:) If there's anything i can do to help ,just let me know


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