grocery store coincidence....or divine appointment? :)

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    As I went into the grocery store today...

    I met this lady , she has cancer and just got from the hospital and needed a way home.

    So she suggested paying for my groceries in exchange for my money..and it was an even trade... My groceries came up to 19.00$.. I had a twenty and she had 24$ on her Kroger gift card yah.

    After that I found she was an evangelist..and how she was struggling with her illness, infact she died..but heard ..her sister tellin her to fight.. And she told the lord if he brought her back she'd. Serve the lord with her life...

    She also told me that I was chosen and had a humble spirit...and that the road would get harder..

    It was definitely a. Blessing.
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    However, I wanted to stay in contact with her, so I gave her my number..told her but after talking to my parents...i realized how unwise it was T give a stranger my address and phone number...even I they're talking about spiritual matters( that's was the only reason why I listened to her ,that and her issue)

    Its just, I need discernment badly..bc the wool could be pulled over my eyes and I'd just be like.. "oh"

    However, I didn't feel threatened with her....

    But I dont want to be played or used. My friend,or thought was my friend said nice things...i believed it..i gave him what he want.... And he never came back around to see me.

    So... I need discernment developed...BC my parents say I'm too "trusting"...and I can see how that can be dangerous.
  3. Yes, discerning is an important part of our defense against liars and dangerous doctrines. However, you were trusting today, and a bit vulnerable, but this woman was equally vulnerable with you. Your kindness and your listening ear would have been considered a loving and generous gesture by God. Leave it all there at His feet, and place your trust in His care and protection. He will reward you. Pray for this woman, and see what God does!
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  4. Right, she was threatening at all, very spiritual...and as I'm typing my dad I trying to fill me with paranoia... Saying how tho and that was unwise ,how she could do this and that... And I'm like.... Dad please stop..if I lived by all he said, id be a paranoid hermit..

    I just wonder why he can't see the good in this situation. :/

    I'm not knocking safety precautions... But there's a. Line between safety and paranoia... :\...and my dad is on the paranoia box.... And he wont stop uhh....

    So I'm just listening to all tho fear mongering, inducing crap.
  5. Yes, I can tell! Many people enjoy being Debbie Downers! God is your protector, and sometimes He leads us into unknowns where we just need to act out as he would act, and that means without fear, and with a certain amount of child-like trust and faith. In this instance today, my spiritual radar (which isn't always accurate, btw) tells me that your vulnerability and graciousness was of great use by God to aid this woman in need. God used you to help His daughter!

    Now enjoy that fact, and refuse to fall to the call for fear! You did well, and God is pleased and He will bless you!
  6. Oh, and by the way...there is no such thing as a coincidence with us...but there are "God incidences"! [​IMG]
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  7. So true and I D need child like faith.... I believe God will protect me and let nothing but good intentioned people in my life..only.

    But listening T my dad's fear mongering... Sets of my anxiety...but ill meditate on God's word instead. :)
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  8. You do need a bit of vulnerability to be used by god..and to just be kind in general.

    People are too suspicious or just mean...acts of kindness are dying out glad I was able to help. C:
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  9. Pancakes - satan comes right now to steel - kill and destroy for the words sake. So do you think for a moment that he would turn his back on God moving in your life ? I believe you just experienced a divine apointment and the devil hated it. So what better place to start then ones own family.

    Those thoughts of fear were planted in your dad and he being your dad thought they were a wise thing to be concerned with and began in his eyes, helping you by instructing you of the evils of the day in this fear. ( he just loves you )

    Bottom line ...........shake you up , remove any trust it was a God given apointment. To shut up your prayers for this lady and praise and thanks giving unto God.

    My advice.........Trust God and allow Him to lead you. Give Him the glory and see if there is anything other then prayer that you can do for this lady. What ever it is you do......PLEASE DONT ALLOW satan to steel what God meant to bless you.

    I am still very proud of you Pancakes........ Big Time
    God Bless
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  10. Glory to God! girl you are growing! So very proud of you!

    What the lady said about it getting harder wqs right....but when we choose to believe God instead of what the world says or what we can see says...then we grow by leaps and bounds through the things that the devil uses to try to get us to stop believing that what God's Word says is true. And that is when break throughs happen, because what was meant to break us only made us stronger in God (if we choose to stick with God).

    Blessings to you!
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