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  1. Hello
    Just popping in to say 'hello' & I hope to get in on some conversation & fellowshiping as I'm in a lone wolf mode right now (it's a boring, slightly dramatic story) & solid Bible teaching churches are REALLY hard to find.

    Glad to be aboard! See y'all around!
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  3. Welcome JohnK!
    Blessings of grace and peace be unto you!
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  4. Thanks everyone!
  5. Welcome John K,
    The only thing that can stop you from joining in on some conversations would be you.
    So with that said I am looking forward to the fellowship and getting to know you.
    God Bless
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  6. Welcome to CFS, JohnK!

    We don't bite!

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  7. Welcome!! :D
  8. Welcome!

    This meme made me laugh.
  9. too, whenever I look at it!
  10. Good to have you here with us, John. I very much hope you find suitable fellowship somewhere. I'm privileged to be able to walk in fellowship with a number of brethren across the world who are very much committed to divine principles and the authority of the word of God, and I value that very much. Being without practical fellowship is a difficult exercise, but I'm sure the Lord will lead you to somewhere suitable. He is faithful to bless those who are faithful to Him, those who won't compromise or go along with what they know is not of Him.
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  11. Hello John,
    From another lone wolf (and his mate) in the UK.
  12. It's looks like we are getting some Brits here. ;)

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