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Should I Fight to Regain my Lost Faith?

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  1. Yes - We Shall Help You.

  2. No - If You are Lost, it is your own Fault.

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  3. Just Follow your Heart.

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  1. Hello. My name is Matthew.

    I am here as my Faith is weak (Not in the Creator), but in any Christian religion.

    I am seeking guidance, wisdom, learning and kind words.

    I said the other day to myself "I will do what God wishes."; I believe He wishes I be here and try to regain my once, deeply-held Faith.

    More about this struggle in an upcoming post.

    I am glad to be here.

    Kind regards,
  2. Hello and welcome; we all struggle-but it is the 'fight' that reminds us we are still in the battle. When we surrender to the world, we forget God. When we surrender to God-we continue the fight-in HIS Name.
  3. I understand where you are coming from - there has been so many times where I just have wanted to give up. But He is Faithful when we are faithless...and when I (or anyone!) need a reminder of Him, the Ability to keep going in this walk, He gives it. :)

    So welcome....and know that God is with you even now....
  4. My thanks to both of you!

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  5. Matthew: welcome :)

    Let's look at what faith is. Scripturally it's:
    In the dictionary it's:
    Trust. When you have a friend that's hurt you by betraying that "trust" it's almost impossible to regain that trust. (Proverbs 18:19) We put people, and God, into a box of our understanding based on our experience. When someone, even God, acts outside our established beliefs, we become offended, hurt, and mistrusting towards them. Everyone at some point in their walk with Jesus goes into this area because we must surrender the throne of our lives over to Another completely. The scriptures call it "Walking in the Spirit." There's a curious verse that sums this up:

    What is labor? Hard Work. It's hard work to enter into that rest. What rest is that?

    The first time rest is used is on the 7th day of Creation - sabbath. The word means:
    Living in today's society with TV, radio, computers, smart phones, neighbors generally 10 feet away, sirens, dogs barking, it's near impossible to find rest. But that isn't what Hebrews is talking about. The rest that Hebrews is talking about is the English definition:
    The word for salvation is יְשׁוּעָה and literally means:

    Notice this verse:
    The word for evil here according to Thayer is:
    Because we are bombarded day in and day out with the things of this world, it is imperative we keep in the Word of God not just the word of God. To do that one must meditate, not like the Hindi with legs crossed and an empty mind, but the scriptural way:

    The word meditate is literally:
    The matter to contemplate is the word of God. Take a verse and meditate on it. Here's an example:

    Before I begin, the word law here is actually means teaching - Torah - teachings of God, not just the Ten Commandments. So... one that meditates is one like a tree STOP. A tree. Pondering a tree. A tree with deep roots isn't easily toppled by a storm. A tree hosts a place for birds to live and sing. The bark of a willow tree has the same chemical compound as aspirin. The tree sings when the wind blows through it. A tree provides shade when the heat gets too tough. A tree is immovable. Next: a tree planted STOP. A tree planted implies there's a gardener and not just some wild tree, but one cultivated and cared for. If cared for then there must be a Caretaker. A good Caretaker will prune the tree to help it grow stronger and focus on the importance of growing roots instead of just showy heights. A Caretaker will put stinky manure to give the tree the nutrients it needs to grow. Next: a tree planted by the rivers of water STOP. By the rivers of water. Water is essential to proper growth. So the supply is never ending, usually next to a river, but here it says rivers, more than one. So the supply exceeds the demand and by a lot! Everyone wants to enjoy sitting next to a river of moving water. Moving water is fresh and clean. Peace reigns there on a warm sunny summer day and the river sings during the cold quiet days of winter speaking of the abundant supply of the Supplier when everything around seems dead. Next: that bringeth forth fruit STOP. Before it gives fruit a tree must bloom with flowers. But just flowers isn't enough to produce fruit. Bees are necessary. They go from flower to flower pollinating the tree so the seed produces a seed within and sweet flesh around it. Bees... an interesting word in Hebrew. The word for bee in Hebrew is Deborah, yes, the name in English. But in Hebrew it also means the word word. As the bee (word) goes from tree to tree (person to person), it spreads the pollen. Just like the word of God planted in the soul brings forth salvation to those willing to accept the Word! This word for fruit in Hebrew also means wealth. Do this meditation on Psalms 23 to understand. Next: bringeth forth his fruit in his season STOP. ...in his season. There is a time of planting, time of growing, time of hibernation, time of flowering, time of fruit. A strong tree grows very slowly while a weak tree grows tall. Time allows for growth and rest. Time allows for events to occur: energy to produce a flower; time to process the seed from the flower; time to grow the flesh around the seed; time for the flesh to sweeten; time to add new leaves to catch the sun for food and the wind to strengthen the wood. Next: his leaf also shall not wither STOP. ...shall not. An absolute negative command. To wither means to die, to become corrupt, to become diseased. What leaf doesn't wither? An evergreen tree! And lastly, because he meditates on the word of God, whatsoever he does shall prosper. That person shall not lack anything because he puts his trust, faith, confidence, in God.

    The word meditate literally means to mutter, as in to speak under your breath, to mubble. Why would that be important?

    Remember the word for bee? It means word AND to speak AND object! When you speak the word of God your faith is increased and becomes a substance! When you meditate on the word of God, the Word of God comes to life in your life. This is why God spoke everything into existence and why magicians stole the phrase (ברא כא דברה) and made it a word, abracadabra, and in Hebrew it literally means Word He created here! In fact if you take the first word of the scriptures and put a space after the first two letters it says: (bar areshit - בְּרֵ אשִׁ֖ית) it spells out Son, I make!

    So, meditate on the word. Speak the word. Grow your faith! We all must do it! God Bless!

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  6. Abdicate Hello,
    Oh thank you, thank you and thank you for sharing this with me. I find it to be more satisfying then a perfectly done steak and baked potatoe and veggies...;)
    What I mean is this is meat for the soul brother and it leaves me with one question.
    Do you have any more ?
    Thanks again
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  7. Thanks for the very kind words. Check out my site: http://www.abdicate.net and the blog within http://www.abdicate.net/blog
  8. You'll find @Abdicate is very resourceful...I've visited his blog and it is loaded with information. (y)
  9. Yea haw its a love feast !! Thank You and He did guide me here and I had said I was hungry for His word and I have a big appetite.... 8f53_183a.png
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  10. Thanks :) To God be the glory as He is the giver of usefull information :D
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  11. ROTFL Not at what you said but in what you said....see picture here for I was going to post it. IMG_20150107_053050.JPG
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  12. I'm always open to suggestions for the blog. Of late, I've been posting what I've written here.
  13. Welcome Matthew! Blessings!

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