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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Ravi.. My native is India and moved to US for work few years back.. Happily married and blessed with a wonderful 2 year old daughter. The Lord called at an age of 11. I was pretty wayward in my life for many years.. The Lord was faithful. He has been drawing me closer to him over the last few years. The work of Holy Spirit is quite evident.. I am not becoming more righteous or anything. Just that, I am realizing how worthless and perverted I am more these days..

    I am very mixed in my spiritual beliefs! I attend AG church. But more inclined towards Calvinistic doctrines rather than Arminianism. Pentecostal and believe that spiritual gifts are for today as well. But definitely not the charismatic type. I strongly believe that the true purpose of in dwelling Holy Spirit is sanctification.

    I am sure I would be sharing many more thoughts through various posts!
  2. One realized, one was made to realized…
    what’s the difference does it make? just kidding : )….that topic is well discussed here : )
    Welcome : )
  3. Well, I think it makes a huge difference. It defines the whole way of looking at grace. Grace is given or grace is chosen
  4. Hi Ravindran, how are you doing? good to see you here; God bless His Word to you. (Good to be able to acknowledge the sovereignty of God in the Scriptures, while looking directly to Him for light and understanding rather than to other people's logical systems which are sometimes superimposed onto the text of Scripture: if you're familiar with some Calvinistic writings, you'll know what I mean! Blessings.)
  5. Thanks Farouk! Doing pretty good here.. Going through the everyday turmoil of work pressure, commitments and trusting God on a daily basis.. But the Lord has blessed me abundantly.. More than I deserve.. Or rather, I don't deserve any of this!!
    I see what you are saying! The best of man still a man.. There is no doubt on that.. Holy Spirit can only reveal the true meaning of Word of God. At the same time, going back to materials of these original reformists helps us to have a systematic understanding of theology.
  6. Ravindran:

    Hi there!

    If by system you mean that there was a real attempt at a thorough approach to theology, then yes, certainly this seems to be the case, although the theologians in question didn't necessarily have all the answers or see all the truths in the Scriptures. (Those of us who hold to local church independency from the New Testament, for example, would point to how the Reformers persecuted the Anabaptists.)

    I don't feel bound, however, to read other men's systems into the Word: essentially eisegesis rather than exegesis. Drawing the line between exegesis and eisegesis sometimes takes a lot of patience and prayerful wisdom.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum
  8. Hey welcome to the forums Ravindran, glad to have you on board :)

    Hope you enjoy your stay here!! God Bless

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