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  1. Hello to all!
    I'm Ellie, and feel so blessed to have found this site. I have looked long for a Christian forum like this one, and look forward to sharing the love of Christ.
    I have six lovely (and almost all grown) kiddos of whom I tend to speak almost as often as I do of my wonderful, Godly husband. But I pray I will speak most of our Lord Jesus. :)
    For in him we live, and move, and have our being. Acts 17:28a
    Most Sincerely,
  2. Good morning, Ellie! Welcome to CFS! :)

    May He bless you as you seek His truth!
  3. Oh! I beg your pardon, all...I failed to mention the Lord found me and saved me 30 years ago.
    And thank you for your kind welcome!
  4. Welcome Ellie. Love your avatar pic. I find nature to be a wonderful gift to enjoy. :)
  5. I do as well! The Lord has seen fit to allow me to have 2 autoimmune diseases, and though I don't work outside our home, I spend each morning outside. We live in such a pleasant, rural area, and I sit with my Bible and coffee enjoying the birds at the feeders and marvelling at God's creation.
    If it's this pleasant now, in its fallen makes me wonder what it was/will be like when God redeems it. :)
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  6. Yep, me too. :) I live in an apartment :( but my deck faces some trees and distant mountains, so I put a bunch of potted greenery and my wicker rocker out there, and when the temperature isn't set to insta-broil I'll frequently do my bible study lesson out there.

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