Greetings In The Name Of Jesus Christ

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Enow, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

    My username is Enow as you can see. I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ thanks to the Father drawing me unto the Son and enabling me to believe in Him. And thanks to Jesus Christ as my Saviour, I am saved by the grace of God by my faith in the Son of God as my Saviour.

    I have come to learn by His grace and by His help, that Jesus Christ is also my Good Shepherd, helping me to live as His in this newly reconciled relationship I have now with God through Jesus Christ. By faith in the Son of God in me, He is helping me to follow Him to be His disciple by continuing in His words as it has been translated from the Received Texts as kept by those that loved Him and His words into the King James Bible. Jesus Christ has made me worthy and is keeping me worthy just as Jesus has made me His friend by keeping me as His friend by the grace of God and His help with my faith in the Son of God.

    The song "Amazing Grace" does testify to me of His workmanship in me.

    In filling out the biography section of the registration, I had given a personal testimony regarding the Son, and so I hope that was okay instead of sharing a little something about me in regards to this life which is a conundrum seeing how by the rules stated, not to give out personal information.

    Anyway, John the Baptist said it best in that he had to decrease so that He may increase: John 3:30

    Not sure how anyone can confirm anything personal over the internet anyway like sharing that I am hard of hearing, deaf in my left ear and tinnitus ( constant ringing) in the right ear, but I understand in regards to identity theft that we should not give out that kind of personal information that someone could use to do that to us, but again, any other personal information would be irrelevant in light of our testimony regarding the Son in seeking His glory and thereby the glory of God the Father.

    So by His grace and by His help, I trust Jesus to help me be a faithful & true witness here by not speaking of myself in seeking my glory or recognition, but to speak of Him in seeking His glory.

    Anyway, glad to be here as long as the Lord Jesus is willing to have me here. Thanks.
  2. Just for clarification, personal information refers to things like home address, phone number, email, or other information someone could use to stalk you, harrass you, or steal your identity. Just exercise common sense internet safety and you'll be just fine.:)

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