Greetings from Sydney

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by IloveTruth, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Greetings from Sydney

    Hi everyone, I grew up not knowing Jesus. My parents, nor anyone else ever encouraged me to read bible or get to know God. But 10 years ago I invited Jesus into my life. Before that I was a Satanist, drug dealer, drug user, alcoholic and very violent and had no conscience. Yet now something changed in my heart and now I see things I never saw before. I feel things I never did before. Now I cannot even walk on an ant as my heart hurts if I do so. Before I knew Jesus, I would sin and not care, it never bothered me. But once I invited Jesus into my heart, all of a sudden, I hated sin and hated what I was doing, and what I wanted to do that I was not doing. All of a sudden I had a conscience. All my hope is in Jesus. Without Him and my hope in Him coming back for me to take me to heaven, I could not live.
  2. [​IMG] for that awesome Testimony ILOVETRUTH and welcome to CFS
    so glad your here .

    Yes Jesus can take the life of the worst
    and make it the Best
    all is required is trust in Jesus
    and a full surrender
    a surrendered to Christ Life is a victorious Life
    because Jesus Christ Is the way the truth and the light
    He is the TREE of LIFE
    he can transform any one
    spiritual life is priceless
  3. Oh my God that's a story! Suddenly your conscience came to you, in middle of life destruction, and guided you to peace... God bless you, and everyone you love! Good to have you with us IloveTruth! Keep on going, don't let Him go, His Grace will found you just as you are. I would like to hear more from you... There is still much work to do, stay well. :D:D
  4. Awesome testimony!!!!!
    Jesus is pretty dang proud of you!
    You are free in Him!
  5. Hey and welcome to CFS..
  6. Praise the Lord..welcome to CFS!!! God bless you.

  7. Hello there!

    You have truly been changed by the power of God. A new creature in Christ, and old things have passed away, all things became new! Jesus still delivers from any and every bondage of the enemy. Great testimony for the glory of God!
  8. Amen ! Welcome to CFS and thank you for sharing your inspirational testimony. Blessings...
  9. Hey soo glad you decided to join us and more importantly gave your life over to Jesus. There is just nothing better than doing what you just did. Praise God.

    Soo whats it like in Sydney right now..? Ive heard there are some heat warning over there right now..We had a few hot days and all of a sudden we're like about 25 here in Melbourne lol..

  10. :welcome:

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