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  1. I am a kiwi from New Zealand. I presume non-Americans are allowed here? Not sure how to get to know people so I thought I should post here first. I am a Christian for over 40 years.

  2. Hi there. I've always wanted to visit and possibly live in NZ. Welcome to the board
  3. Welcome. I hope you are blessed here.
  4. G'day neighbor, greetings from Tahiti, glad to have you aboard.


  5. Think you for the welcome. I had a brief look around the forum. Looks like there are some interesting discussions.

    BTW: I come here via Tapatalk. For some reason that causes some people offence but it really is alot easier to access forums via my mobile when im on the go.

    Anyway, hope we can get to know each other better.

  6. Hello and welcome to the forum. (It is actually an Aussie site I do believe...Jeff?)
  7. Hey there hi.. I have applied to the university of Auckland and waiting for my results... Hope to come there.. And meet you in person :)
  8. Oh wow :D

    Actually I am in Waihi. Much happening in the church scene in Auckland?

    The church I go to in Waihi is a small church, almost disappeared from lack of numbers, but the Holy Spirit has been at work there lately. Even some physical healings.
  9. Heya im a kiwi too :)
  10. Cool, hi Meggy, good to see other kiwis here.
  11. Hello and welcome! Kiwi here too...Lived in Auckland for a bit and finished up my studies there too :)

    Make yourself at home and glad to have you aboard CFS!!

    God Bless
  12. Surely this is a forum for all races and ethnic background.
  13. upload_2017-2-27_10-46-27.jpeg to CFS. Glad you joined us. We look forward to fellowship with you.
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