Greetings From North Carolina

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  1. Hello,

    I am a blueberry farmer, industrial construction worker, a husband and a father of two very young boys. Life is full. I have come a long ways with my faith and have learned to ask God those hard questions in which you are very sincere about. It is the best way to grow and learn, to just ask. They appear to be impossible to answer on the surface, but God is plenty willing to tackle your big ones and give you surprising answers. I still ask him my big questions, but he has answered so many that do I need to know so much. My faith should be sufficient to do with less.

    Have a great day. Good to be here.
  2. Welcome! Good to see a Tarheel around here.
  3. Thank you. You must have some roots here. It is a nice state to live in. I have been in many in the USA. My wife is from the Philippines (came to America & married me in 2005). She loves her home and family, and misses them dearly. Maybe, one day we will visit, when we can afford to (finances & recession holds us down for now).
  4. Good to say Howdy back at you. Have a most wonderful day.
  5. Welcome Welcome :)
  6. Hello Christianvolume,

    We seem to have a little in common. Trying to raise two active sons, beats any job I have ever had. It is difficult at times, but much appreciated and enjoyed. My wife posts online all the time on 50 or more blogs. She does some minor web designs, picked it up as needed.

    Have a good day.
  7. G'Day and welcome!
  8. Thank you.

    (strong friendships can be quite possessive, yet love is free and willing. We need to depend more on Christ and less on each other. Love can bind immediately with a stranger, where friendships never really seem to get it right.) Just food for thought.
  9. Bless your heart! Good to have you here. We are going to "Cashiers" in July for a family vacation.

    I love NC and I do hope that you will hang around for awhile with us!
  10. Thank you. I will try to stay for awhile. May the Lord keep you and your family well.
  11. lol. I know. The quote made me laugh so I decided to use it as my signature.
  12. Yes, it is an interesting quote. That is why it brought back memories of the possessive side of the complication. We naturally have friendships, yet we hold Christ maturely as our hope and love. Thank you for sharing.

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