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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Waggles, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Had a look at your online bookstore. Looks good. I must admit that it is more economical for me to order books from the U.K. and get them posted out here to South Australia. Funny that!
  2. I never thought of it that way... And that sounds much easier, too. :)
  3. You need an avatar that expresses your commitment or your thoughts about being a christian. I have chosen a lighthouse graphic - let your light shine - so how about you think of what symbol might represent your faith or your walk as some might put it.
    You can go into an internet browser like IE or Google and type in christian symbols, or christian posters, etc. then click on images to hundreds of photos and graphics. Get some ideas from this. For me I searched lighthouses and went to images and downloaded to a folder in My Pictures. Then I upload from there any graphics needed for avatars and so on. On an aquarium and fishkeeping forum I enjoy here in Australia, my avatar is the christian fish symbol. Don't have to say much, people know the meaning of that symbol.
  4. I usually like to think of God's strength, power, and justice when I think of God because I read the whole Old Testament (pretty much) and now I am reading the New.
  5. Type in justice into Google and you will be surprised at what you will get - maybe scales that represent justice > represents weighing up all the evidence presented. Or you can enter in a favourite scripture verse like John 3: 16 and you will get results. Click on images. You will be amazed at what Google and IE come up with as search results.
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  6. I make graphics as a side hobby.
  7. I drew mine on a napkin and got a jeweler in Kuwait to make it for me :) It's the story of Jesus. He's a Jew, died on a rugged cross and is now King of Kings.
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  8. Well, I don't draw. I do like special effects and stuff. So I'm too impressive.
  9. I see you have an avatar. Most impressed. That didn't take long. Your avatar makes it a lot easier for people to find your postings and to recognise you as Juk.
    It is a lot friendlier than a pale pink square with a male symbol. :cool:
  10. True. And thanks. I didn't draw any of it, though. Credit goes to the owners.
  11. Good Day and Welcome!
  12. G'Day to you as well. I see that you are a new member as well. Let us all enjoy the forum and internet fellowship.

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