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  1. Hello to all from Australia. I am new to this forum and only thought about a christian forum where I could chat and exchange fellowship with other christians, after I had been using other forums for fishkeeping and aquarium hobbyists.
    I live on a rural property, with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 aquaria (or aquariums for those not into the Queen's English) 3 adult male sons who say they cannot afford to leave home. Am I gullible?
    It is a 30 minute drive to get to my nearest Revival Fellowship Assembly, through beautiful countryside. What a chore (not)! But petrol has gone down to $1.00AU per litre ($5.14US per gallon)
    so we don't complain about the cost of driving so much now.
    Look forward to meeting other forum members and sharing the Good News. Maybe you will get to learn some Australian speak - it's a prawn, not a shrimp.
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  2. I've never been to Australia, but I'm business in Austria right now and there are t-shirts here that say Austria with a kangaroo on it with a line through it, as to say there are no roos in Austria (y)

    Welcome to the forum. :D
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  3. No it is not a T shirt about no roos in Austria [well not directly] - it is a joke about Americans and others who get Austria confused with Australia.
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  4. You're only two extra letters. So I'll call ya Al. :eek::D:cool:
  5. The Forum lists members, guests and robots ?? What are robots?
  6. Programs that search the forum telling for information fire search engines. Some parts of the site are for members only so they can't get there.
  7. Hey Waggles.. nice to meet you. I live in Elgin, northeast Scotland. Xx
  8. Ahhh Scotland. You almost made a bad choice of leaving the Union. That could have been calamitous. There is no doubt that Britain is a most blessed nation and the history of Scotland and England and the Monarchy, and the breakaway from Rome under Henry & Elizabeth 1, is a fulfillment of promises made to Abraham.
    The greatest gift that Scotland has given to the world is the most precious King James Bible. I read it because it is of great scholarship and every word in the original Hebrew and Greek is included. Well done King James!
  9. Hello Waggles, welcome to the forum! :) Is it true that they banned the Bible from Australia?
  10. No, where did you hear that funny bit of news? No, we still have democracy [although multiculturalism is impinging on it] and limited free speech. And we still have our Bible Societies that sell and distribute Bibles. Actually, I have just purchased a Bible in Chinese script as a present to a Chinese woman now living in Australia, and to whom I am witnessing to.
    We all use our beloved King James Version. And there are plenty of christian bookshops and the like that sell Bibles and New Testaments.
    The unGodly cannot afford to ban the Bible, people might start wanting to get a copy and read it !!! ;)
  11. Hello Juk. Had a look at your profile page. Very impressed. Only 12 and love our Lord Jesus. Well done. Keep the faith and grow strong; because we live in challenging times for christians.
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  12. I was born into the religion, but I was just like the world I recently found that my life was vain and worthless without Jesus.
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  13. No Juk they have not as yet. The unGodly would like to, but then people might want to get a copy and read it themselves! We still have our Bible Societies that distribute and sell Bibles and New Testaments. Last week I purchased a Bible in Chinese Script to give to a woman that I am witnessing to about salvation.
    And in the Revival Fellowship we all bring our King James Version Bibles to our meetings to read and follow the scriptures for ourselves when the Pastor or an Elder gives a talk on the Word. As we say in Aussie talk -"catch ya lata, mate. (y)
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  14. lol. This woman lied to me, then.
  15. I'm a Canadian now living in Australia, and I actually find it easier to publicly do ministry here. Australia, for the time being anyway, still actually allows Christian organisations to have chaplains working in state schools, and Christian organisations, like the Salvation Army and Red Frogs, are well respected for the work they do.
  16. That's amazing.
  17. We must work while there is still daylight as the Lord said. The time is coming when those who hate our Lord Jesus (and therefore us) will turn against us and even attack christians and church buildings. The last days are not going to be pretty and even the elect shall lose faith. There will be a great sifting separating the chaff from the wheat. We will all be sorely tested as to our love and faith in the Lord. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart will become much more than words on paper.
    I am pentecostal born again here in South Australia and my church is The Revival Fellowship and if you want to read more about wonderful miracles and healings try Jesus is alive today even more so for his saints. And enjoy your snow free winters. :)
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  18. I'm a pretty shy guy, so I try to spread the Gospel on the internet. But in real life, I would never deny Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I understand my relationship with Jesus is more important than my own life.
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  19. You know preaching or evangelizing is not about knowing all the scriptures off by heart, and having ready answers like some door-to-door salesman.
    It starts with keeping your own personal testimony to righteous living and faith. Believe me others at school and your friends will notice. You will be tempted; like here smoke this joint or have a drink of Jack Daniel's. Everytime you refuse to join in with sinful behaviour they will laugh at you, and call you a square or worse. But in time you will actually be respected for your stand, your personal integrity and faith. In a world that lacks any of this, people do respect consistency and an honest christian that keeps his testimony intact. This by itself is evangelizing to your friends, school mates, sports team, neighbours and so on.

    When people ask you why you are the way you are in faith or in being different and not "naughty" like others; then you will have an answer. Jesus, who is God judges the actions of everybody alive on Earth. As a disciple, a follower of Jesus you neither want to offend Jesus and the Gospel, nor do you want to disqualify yourself from salvation. You simply talk about what Jesus means to you, your prayer life and the blessings and answered prayer you receive.
    It is called seed planting, where the Word of God is the seed. People's hearts can be like stony ground, shallow soil or good fertile soil. That part you have no control over. Your job is simply to be a farmer and plant seeds. You just start off with being a light in a dark world. Jesus is the light of the world.
    Now you know why my avatar is a lighthouse.
    "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" Matthew 5: 14-16
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