Greetings Fellow Believers

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by marcjames07, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Greetings Fellow Believers

    Hi, Im Marc James from the country of Philippines (sana may Pinoy din XD)!!

    As for my brief introduction, I'm a Born Again Christian just like all of you.

    Actually, I'm a member of The Music Ministry in our church. I play the Acoustic Rhythm Guitar but when our bassist is absent, I play the bass guitar just to replace him in his absence.

    I study at Cathedral of Praise Manila. Currently taking up Bachelor in Christian Music but after I graduated, I'm going to take up Theological Studies and fulfill God's Plan in my life as a Full time Pastor or Music Pastor in the future.

    My hobbies are drawing!~. My style in drawing is mainly adapted to Japanese Manga genre. Actually, I'm an anime lover :D

    Well, so much for the introduction.

    I hope we get along great and Glorify Jesus' Name. :)
  2. Welcome to our forum, Marc! I liked your testimony. So true and like most of us . . . if we didn't find Christ, we would have no place to go. Destruction was waiting for us around the corner.

    I just heard your favorite song on Sunday at my church. "Like a Deer Panteth for the Water, so my soul longs after You." Isn't that how it goes? I love that song. It speaks volumes. I'm like you, I love music and God can speak to us through it. Good luck in your ministries and enjoy this forum ministry. Bonnie
  3. Welcome to the Site, Marc.
  4. I'm not even going to try that one! :D


    Welcome to the board.
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