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  1. Hi everyone. I am coming here in hopes to find people who understand and can support me. This year has had more downs than ups for me and my family. We have made it thru them only because of God. But with all the issues, my anxiety has gotten worse and my trust in people has lessened. So, I guess I am just looking for people that I can trust to go to when I need help or to vent. Don't we all need people like that in our lives?? They are just too hard to find now-a-days.

    Anyway, This board looks like a great place to meet some great people. So I am glad to have found this message board. Thanks. :D
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  2. [​IMG] Welcome to our forum
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  3. Welcome to CFS, FaithfulMom!

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  4. Thanks everyone. :)
  5. I completely agree with having people you can talk too. I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety and trust issues, I can understand, I suffer from the same thing. I know it is cliche, but just continue to remind yourself of the things you are grateful for, and that God is looking out for you. I hope you find what you're looking for on CFS.

    God bless you and your family.
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  6. Hey Faithfulmom,

    Welcome to CFS! Glad to have you on board! Hope your enjoying your stay so far.

    God Bless
  7. Hello faithfulmom and welcome to CFS. Thanks for such an open and honest first post! Can I be so bold as to share with you just how difficult the past two years have been for us? After spending several years in the youth and young adult ministry, my wife and I took a more relaxed role due to the Lord fulfilling a nine year promise to give us kids of our own two to be exact and they are just wonderfully. Emily is 2 and David is 1 and we're back in our Pastoral role all is well however, this past two years have been bitter sweet, sweet in that it's been a wonderful time spending our attention on our two kids and they are coming on so well but bitter, in that we've been through many trials, trials we haven't seen for quite some time incuding being attacked for our faith from without and betrayed by an individual we trusted to name a few.

    The reason I tell you this today is that it's far more widespread than you might think, God's Church is moving on and growing as it has always done as the seasons and times change and in that, there is a tremendous amount of conflict from the enemy however, what he has meant for destruction, God will use for good as he builds our character for this next season on our Christian lives. We're all in it together so, DON'T WORRY, the enemy obviously disapproves of you which is good, because the only reason he thinks that, it because God approves of you so much. Don't worry, the season will come to an end at some point (sooner rather than later I hope) but don't worry, you're doing fine!
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  8. Thank you everyone for the welcome and suggestions. They are all greatly appreciated. :)
  9. Faithful, I came here with many problems, one of which I broke out immediately. I got lots of help here. Another came to a head and had me turning in circles. They helped me with that. This is a good place with good people. We don't always see eye-to-eye, which means that you will get a variety of ideas. Enjoy your time here -- I sure am. :)

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