Green Lantern - Homosexual?

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  1. Homosexuality is a breach of marriage in fact no matter what the government says it is NOT marriage today DC comics announced that the Green Lantern is "going gay" why i don't know i'm not going to boycott superheroes or any of that stuff but i wanted some other Christian's "opinions" on how they feel about this issue.
  2. Okay, so this guy runs around in a black and green unitard, fights villains with a power ring that he charges up from a lantern while chanting, and now we're supposed to get excited because he's "going gay"? Get real, DC, your whole comic book world is a fantasy, making GL gay isn't going to make it any more relevant.

    Don't get me wrong, Briley, I enjoy an escapist trip into fantasy land now and then. But the whole point of the fantasy is that it isn't reality. I remember, musta been about 30 (Yikes!) years ago, now, a story arc where Green Arrow was going through some issues with a drug-addicted son who OD'ed. I became impatient and annoyed with that story, I was like: "C'mon, go out and shoot some exploding arrows at a supervillain already!"

    I dunno, maybe I should be upset with the latest pandering to the gay bandwagon, but this late in the game, it's hardly a bold move, much less a game-changing one.
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  3. Well I dunno. I wouldn't know the green lantern from a pink strobe light, but I think making any super hero out to be gay is just another push to dress up a dumper bin as a room at the Ritz. But isn't it funny how things change. I remember 'Noddy and Big Ears' being banned from TV and book stores because some 'way out there' lobby group thought they were gay.
    Have I really lived that long??:eek:
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  4. I enjoyed watching and do own the recent Green Lantern movie, hate to think of him going gay in the second. Introducing homosexuality to the DC / Marvel universe is a new thing it seems. I read how 'Northstar' is having the first gay marriage in comics. I suppose it would affect everyone more if Iron-man in 'Avengers 2' went gay. Our poor kids can't watch or read anything without supervision these days! Makes me so angry :mad: .

    Gay boldness in coming out of the closet is like a vampire being bold to come out of his coffin. It only happens if the world is covered in darkness.
  5. So very true my friends.

    My father told me once that if we live a long life, we will see a lot of things that we do not like and make no sense. He was absolutly correct!

    Who remembers what the first curse word said on the screen/TV???????/

    Gone with the Wind.

    "Frankly Charolotte, I don't give a DAM".

    We have come a long way haven't we???
  6. Yes it has. If you want a real shock, go to Disney World in Orlando Fl. during Gay Week.
    Orlando now has a parade and you could not tell it from San Francisco.
  7. Evil triumphs when the good do nothing.

    This sort of thing has been a long time coming. The "Powers that Be" have been molding the culture through the main stream media and our educational institutions for quite some time. "Liberality and diversity" are the rallying cry of the modern society, while truth can go hang.

    There is an awful lot I could say here, but no one would want to here it as it is horrendously depressing.
    Let me just say that things are going to get an awful lot worse very quickly.
    The masters of this world (Bilderbergers) just finished meeting in Virginia and will send their lackeys to
    fulfill their desires for this world. Look forward to a complete collapse of the worlds financial systems,
    endless war thoughout the world, persecution of the common man, and complete and mind numbingly ineffectual leadership on the part of our elected officials.
  8. lol hes the least popular i for gay community to read comics lol

    what is happening....
  9. I suspect homosexuals will buy these comics to feel again reflected in the world because minorities are hungry on this
  10. I'm more or less apathetic about this. They're fictional characters!

    In a comic-book universe in which men can turn from flesh to steel (Colossus) or fire laser-beams from their eyes (Cyclops), homosexuality is hardly the most blasphemous thing we can point at. Has anyone taken a moment to contemplate how blasphemous and "against-God's-plan" the whole thing really is?
  11. What's more, I don't think comic books should go out of their way to be Christian-friendly.
  12. Are Christians in the USA the "Bogymen" of some folks there? Espectually in Entertainment?
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  13. It is my perception as a Canadian that all Americans are the bogeyman (bogeymen?) of other Americans.
  14. Good point.
    BTW, what is correct? BOGYMAN or BOGEYMAN? In my dictionary was only bogyman.

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